Is Lani Leaving Days Of Our Lives? What Happened To Her and Where Is The Actor Going?

Is Lani Price leaving the soap opera Days of Our Lives? What happened to her? Here is everything you need to learn about the actress.

Actress Saleisha Lashawn Stowers, popularly known as Sal Stowers, portrays the fictitious character Lani Price on the NBC serial opera Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

Fans of soap operas are accustomed to the drama, rivalry, and treachery that can be found on Days of Our Lives. For fans of the long-running Days, cast changes are nothing new after more than 50 years on television.

The loved character of DOOL, Lani Price, who appeared in the soap opera since 2015, is speculated to leave after making an unexpected confession. To learn more, keep scrolling through the article below.

Is Lani Leaving Days Of Our Lives? Where Is The Actor Going?

Fans of Days of Our Lives have started to worry that Lani Price is leaving the program as a result of her shocking confession. Since 2015, Sal Stowers has played Lani on the soap opera, but fans believe her tenure there might soon be coming to an end.

Moreover, everyone present during Abe and Paulina’s wedding were shocked when Lani revealed that she was the one who had shot and murdered TR at Abe and not her mother Paulina. Days of Our Lives viewers are concerned that Lani will be arrested for murder after the confession and that the program will end as a result.

They worry that Sal, who plays her, may leave the cast and that her character would wind up in jail. But not only her, but Lamon Archey, who plays her on-screen husband, Eli Grant, as well.

What Happened To Lani From Days Of Our Lives?

Viewers were stunned by Lani’s confession of murder, and as a result of her frightening admission, her supporters are now concerned that she will be leaving. Fans are even suggesting that Lani might end up in jail. Eli will also leave town with their children if Lani is imprisoned.

On the other hand, the fans of soap operas are expressing their views. One worried fan tweeted, that he truly hopes incarceration isn’t Lani’s exit. Another person remarked: You want to know what irritates him? Chabby, Cin, and Elena are the three pairings we have. Abby is slain at the conclusion of Chabby. Eli departs with the twins, while Lani is sent to prison in Elani.

Given that they recently lost another actor from the program, fans are particularly concerned about losing another actor or two in the near future. But she said there were still plenty.

How Will Lani Fix Her Life? [Spoiler Ahead]

Lani Price won’t accept this lying down, according to DOOL spoilers. She must cope with Gabi’s threats, though, before she can win Eli back. That requires stopping remote access to Julie’s pacemaker or finding another fix. Gabi’s opponent is under her control as long as she has power over Julie’s heart. After the time travel incident in Salem, Lani probably became fixated on that. She must silence the other lady in order to win back the love of her life.

The good news is this, then. It won’t happen soon for Lani Price to leave Days of Our Lives. She remains to continue the struggle. And keep in mind that Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) will shortly be back. He used his robotic eye to solve a similar technological problem. So, perhaps he can advise her on how to deal with the threat. Be sure to watch next week as Salem lands in the future and see Lani Price’s new reality after her terrible loss.