Is Juan Pablo Di Pace gay or married to a woman? His age, bio

Argentinian singer, actor and director Juan PabloDi Pace caused a stir on the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars. The versatile personality has reached week 3 of the show and it looks like his eyes were already set on the trophy as he was the frontrunner in the competition, and along with his dance partner Cherry Burke, he was turning up the heat among other contenders.

The duo managed to heat up the theater with their natural skills and experience, but sadly they were eliminated on November 13, 2018. Juan made his acting debut on the set of Survival Island and has since featured in other TV series and movies which include; DallasMaman miaFuller HouseThe Catherine Tate ShowAfter SunSupercharlyAngel o DemonioLos Hombres de Paco, and many more.

Juan got his big break playing the role of Jesus Christ on the set of The Bible Continues. Here are more facts about the talented personality.

His age, Bio

The third son of Victorio Di Pace and MartaMaineri was born on July 25, 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His place of birth is an indication of his Argentinian nationality, but his ethnic origin is not known. Juan has a number of siblings; notable among them is his older sister, Maria Victoria Di Pace who is renowned as an actress, singer, acting coach and director.

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The versatile entertainer appeared alongside his sister in Survival Island as well as in the Two Barefoot music video for Katie Melua. From what is evident, Juan Pablo Di Pace is very attached to his mother who works as a painter. He had revealed to the Dancing with the Stars audience that his mother had won her battle with the disease’s terrible cancer, leaving the crowd in awe.

Juan had also confessed that he gets his daily inspiration from his mother and the dance he performed (tango) is a constant reminder of his mother’s warrior spirit.

The artist has lived in many places, from his native country of Argentina he moved to Spain when he was 12 years old. He also spent 10 years in London. At 17, he got a scholarship from the United World College of the Adriatic in Duino, Trieste, Italy. He was also at the London Studio Center where he studied acting. Prior to his big screen debut, Juan was part of the London musical, Chicago, and also featured on their production posters.

Is Juan Pablo Di Pace gay or married to a woman?

Juan Pablo Di Pace is indeed a woman of heart who managed to win the hearts of his female fans but it would seem that no woman could touch the heart of this Adonis screen. The media couldn’t find out the identity of Juan’s girlfriend and the public wasn’t so lucky. For his part, Juan has decided to keep a low-key tone on the matter of his relationship status and does not share details of his personal life with fans.

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Perhaps it was the lack of information about his love life that gave rise to rumors about his ostensible gay status, coupled with the fact that he never had a child with a woman in the past. Nonetheless, the speculations remain unconfirmed till date as Juan is unwilling to clear things up on the matter. No one can say categorically whether he is gay or straight.

Interestingly, the lack of an active love life hasn’t deterred him from relishing the perks of being a family man with his on-screen wife Andrea Barber who he starred with on his Netflix series Fuller House. Although they got divorced from the show, they have a daughter who still brings them together. Despite their estrangement on the show, the duo share a great affinity off-screen, and from time to time they continue to pop up on each other’s Instagram page.

On Andrea’s birthday, Juan Pablo Di Pace shared a photo of them with the beautiful wish WOMAN. This gave rise to speculation that the duo was romantically involved. Till date, the apparent chemistry between the couple has remained an unsolved mystery, as neither has confirmed or denied the rumors. In conclusion, there is the possibility that Juan has a lover, but keeps it a secret. As for his sexual orientation, that remains to be seen as Juan hasn’t said anything about it.