Is Egypt Sherrod Muslim? Details About Her Ethnicity And Religion

Is Egypt Sherrod Muslim? Fans wonder about her religion as the woman returns to HGTV with Married To Real Estae.

Egypt Sherrod is an American radio and TV personality best known for her appearances in HGTV.

Besides being a host, she is also a real estate broker and the CEO of her business firm, Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.

After her previous two shows with the channel became popular, she is back again with HGTV and will be hosting Married To Real Estate, reports The AJC.

Following her return with another real estate show, fans are pretty excited to see her and are curious to know more about her.

In the process, many people wonder about Sherrod’s religion while some think that the woman is Muslim.

Is Egypt Sherrod Muslim? Religion And Ethnicity Explored

Egypt Sherrod is not a Muslim while her religion is thought to be Christianity.

The woman never really shares many details about her life and personal background but she has not hinted towards being a Muslim.

Looking at her social media profiles, there are no clues that Egypt is related to the Islamic religion.

Likewise, Sherrod’s ethnicity is also a thing of mystery since there is no tracking back of her parent’s and grandparents’ descent.

The only available information is that the lady grew up in her grandparents’ house in Pennsylvania.

From this, it is clear that her family has been in the United States at least since her grandparent’s time.

Concluding all the facts, Egypt Sherrod is not believed to be Muslim.

Egypt Sherrod Family Details

Talking about her family, Egypt Sherrod lives together with her husband, Jackson, and her three daughters.

She tied the knot with Mike Jackson, a real estate builder, back in 2010 and has been together with the man in a happily married relationship.

Egypt and her spouse, Mike, together have two daughters named Kendall and Harper.

Besides them, Jackson’s daughter from his previous relationship also stays with the family.

Other than her personal family, the identities of Sherrod’s parents are not known.

Nevertheless, it is reported that her father is of real estate background.

What Is Egypt Sherrod Net Worth?

Egypt Sherrod has a net worth value of $6 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Most of her earnings are generated from her real estate business. Egypt has been involved in this field for over a decade now.

Now that she is a TV personality, we believe that she might have accumulated a pretty good amount of wealth from the entertainment sector as well.