Is Derek From More Plates More Dates Natural Bodybuilder?

YouTuber More Plates More Dates claims he is a natural bodybuilder on the Joe Rogan Podcast. More Plates More Dates appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast on December 3, 2022.

More Plates More Dates is famous for his fitness content, which has earned over 1.56 million subscribers on his channel. His channel is very successful and has achieved over 513,916,058 views since he started it on March 6, 2016.

Aside from fitness content, he has branded himself as a self-improvement channel and often talks about fitness in the gym and as a lifestyle. Some of his most popular content revolves around whether certain individuals are naturally built.

He often appears on the Joe Rogan Podcast, with his newest appearance being the second time he has appeared there.

Is More Plates More Dates Natural Bodybuilder?

More Plates More Dates is a natural bodybuilder though people have doubted it due to his physique.

Derek, aka More Plates More Dates has a very good physique.

Due to how good his physique is, many people have started to wonder if he has taken any supplements to get his body to where it currently is. Many people look at his unnaturally huge delts as indicators that he may not be completely natural.

He has always been upfront about the fact that he does not use supplements and has made a career out of dismissing people who claim to be natural but, in reality, are not. Some of the most popular videos on his channels are about people who used a lot of supplements to speed up their shredding process, only to become disabled or even pass away.

As for his own body, Derek has been very open and clear about his body transformations, In a video he uploaded on May 31, 2020, titled “My TOP Fat Loss Tips & Appetite Hacks…” he talked about how he got the body he has now.

He talked about the pharmacology he used alongside diet hacks and tips like various sauces and meal substitutes. But Derek was always open about how these tips were not and are not a one-stop gateway to losing weight instantly.

Due to his adherence to telling the truth to his audience, the man has earned the level of respect and fame he has now.

More Plates More Dates On Joe Rogan Podcast

More Plates More Dates had his natural conversation on the Joe Rogan Podcast. This was the second time More Plates More Dates had appeared on the podcast.

While on the podcast, Derek and Joe talked about various topics revolving around fitness, with the most common being the recent Liver King controversy. The reason why this topic kept popping up in their conversation was that both Joe and Derek had had dealings with the man.

The Liver King is a social media influencer popular on TikTok who gained a large following on the app for peddling a pure carnivorous meal style, an extreme workout regiment, claiming his shredded body was completely natural, and referring to himself in the third person.

An email exchange that the Liver King had with a bodybuilding company was revealed to the public, and the email revealed that the Liver King did take illegal supplements and that too in a large amount.

In his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Derek talked about a recent video he had made about the Liver King situation, and both he and Joe talked about the inevitability of Liver King’s ruse being known by the public. It was Derek who broke the story about the Liver King using Performance Enhancing supplements.