Is Cole Hauser Leaving Dazed and Confused? What Happened To Benny On The Show?

The internet has been taken over by the rumors about Cole Hoauser leaving Yellowstone. However, there has not been any official statement from the makers and actors about him leaving.

Let’s find out more about the star and the rumors that are surrounding him.

Cole Hauser is a beloved actor who has managed to give very convincing performance over the years with his numerous hits from the start of his career. He was loved for his early project like Goodwill Hunting which went on to win Oscar.

About his recent work, people are loving him on Yellowstone, where he manages to have a great performance as one of the crucial characters. His role is named Rip Wheeler. Fans love the character and are worried about losing it.

Is Cole Hauser Leaving Yellowstone?

There are rumors about Cole leaving Yellowstone and his character Rip. However, these are mere speculation that is made by the fans after seeing the recent episodes, no official announcement has been made.

It is certain that before cutting out an actor like Cole the production team will think through it because it will trigger many fans who love him for his performance and the impact he has created over the years in the show.

Fans are well familiar with the nature of the show and the death that took place. Thus, it can be said that Cole character is not safe in any manner, and danger is always surrounding him.

What Happened To Benny On The Show?

People are worried for Cole in Yellowstone, and the recent storyline is making them worried that he will not make out of it alive. Since the death in the show is unexpected and completely possible, there is a chance that the next person will be Cole.

As of now, no one knows even Cole has said in his previous interviews that he knows nothing about the storyline, and he enjoys that, as reported by Express.

Cole is from a family who has a lineage in the entertainment industry and has been very encouraging to him thought-out his life. His father taught and made him capable of auditions.

Where Is Cole Hauser Going?

As of now, Cole has not made any announcement about his new project and the direction he will be going. If he leaves the Yellowstone, he will certainly inform his fans.

People can follow him on Instagram under the handle name colehauser22 where he has more than 1.1 million. He often posts about his person on his social media handle.

Fans have to wait and see the story moving forward because it looks like the makers will not leak anything anytime soon.