Is Cecilia Vega Pregnant With Husband Ricardo Jimenez In 2022? Fans Suspect Baby Bump!

Cecilia posted a clone pregnancy test pack on her Instagram photograph, which could have raised tales about her parenthood. Be that as it may, the photograph was depicted as an influenza test by the Journalist.

ABC News boss White House journalist and Emmy Award-winning anchor Cecilia Vega isn’t pregnant however was debilitated as a result of Flu.

She posted a photograph on her Instagram which seemed to be a pregnancy test pack however all things considered, it was subtitled a FLU testing unit by the columnist.

Is Cecilia Vega Pregnant With Husband Ricardo Jimenez In 2022?Cecilia Vega isn’t pregnant with her better half, Ricardo Jimenez. Several has not uncovered anything about their excursion of being pregnant via web-based entertainment.

Moreover, she has been experiencing COVID-19 and doesn’t demonstrate being pregnant. She expressed, “Welp. Thought I was safe. In any case, unfortunately. More than two years in, it at last got me. Appreciative for science and the best medical attendant spouse there at any point [email protected]

Besides, expressing gratitude toward her significant other for his assistance in troublesome times, she added, “He made his mother’s chicken soup and purchased the whole cold and influenza passageway when I sent him for a basic hack drop run. Furthermore, to give back, I gave him the bug. True love. @thejaliscojimenez is formally over the two of us.”

Cecilia is a writer for All ABC News programs, including “Great Morning America,” World News Tonight with David Muir,” Nightline,” and “20/20.”

Since President Joe Biden won the 2020 political decision, Vega has been accountable for ABC’sABC’s White House inclusion. Her conversations with the president and individuals from his organization have collected media consideration on different points, including the economy, COVID-19, and relations with Russia.

Vega made it known and constrained the organization to confront complex issues about the ascent in relocation, the treatment of youngsters in detainment communities, and the cutting off of families.

What Are The Facts On Cecilia Vega’sVega’s Baby Bump Or Weight Gain? Cecilia Vega has put on weight yet isn’t pregnant in these troublesome times. She must be disabled because of COVID for seven days.

The Journalist Vega is a local of the San Francisco Bay Area. She dwells in Washington, D.C., with her vivacious Boston Terrier, Jalisco, and her significant other, Ricardo.

In 2011, Vega started working for ABC News as a columnist situated in Los Angeles.

Her work has driven her to pretty much every state and around the world, where she takes care of significant tasks and verifiable occasions like the Olympics and an ecclesiastical gathering.

Vega visited the war zone after the atomic mishap in Fukushima, Japan, wearing defensive stuff and two times entered the defiled power station.

In the Sea of Cortez, Vega petted whales subsequent to taking a sub to the lower part of the Arctic. Cecilia has spoken with everybody, including world pioneers and superstars.

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