Is Cassie Nall Leaving WBIR 2022? Metereologist Health Related Problems, Where Is He Now?

Cassie Nall is a meteorologist born and raised in Florida who previously worked for WBIR before joining WeatherNation.

The meteorologist is an alma mater of Florida State University; she has been interested in the weather forever; she would do every research paper with some weather phenomenon.

During her undergraduate years, Nall worked for the Florida Division of Emergency Management and learned much about weather safety and community outreach. Later, she worked at a small 24-hour TV station in Sarasota, FL, and joined WBIR.

Is Cassie Nall Leaving WBIR 2022? 

Yes, Cassie Nall is leaving WBIR; the official site of the television station uploaded a video to wish the meteorologist all the best for her new journey on the 5th of August 2022.

Nall has worked with the team for almost seven years, and her colleagues shared a few of her moments they find best while appreciating her love and excitement for the weather.

Furthermore, Cassie also expressed her gratitude to the entire team and the viewers for the unwavering support and encouragement she received throughout her journey with the WBIR family. Moreover, she received nothing but compliments for her dedication to her work on her last episode.

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Where Is The Meteorologist Cassie Nall Going Now? 

Cassie embarked on her new journey to the west and has moved to Denver, Colorado, and it has already been more than two weeks since she departed from her home.

The meteorologist headed on a new adventure to work with WeatherNation while getting the opportunity to cover the weather of the whole country, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Before joining WBIR, she started her on-air career at a small 24-hour TV station in Sarasota, FL, covering summertime thunderstorms and tracking tropical systems and tornadoes; she has come a long way, and her enthusiasm for weather forecasting paid off. 

We wish nothing but the best for Nall and her new exposure to more enormous challenges and opportunities that have knocked on her door, and we look forward to witnessing her in WaetherNation.

Nothing terrible has happened to Cassie, and she does not seem to have any health-related issues as the meteorologist hasn’t revealed suffering any problems related to her health.

Nall has been inactive on social networking sites for a while and has not updated her followers on her lifestyle. So, people speculated her to be going through some issues.

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However, the weather forecaster is in good health and doing her work, forecasting the weather, and sharing the updates on Twitter, although she made her last post on Instagram on the 4th of December 2021.

She might have been busy or living the moment without capturing them in photographs, which may be why she has not posted pictures on social networking sites; hopefully, that’s the case, and she is doing fine.

Untold Truth On Cassie Nall’s Past Illness

Following the news of her departure from WBIR, rumors about her suffering severe illness surrounded the internet. However, she didn’t leave the television station due to her ill health but better opportunity.

The former WBIR meteorologist has not disclosed any details of her suffering from a life-threatening disease or chronic illness; instead, she looks healthy and enjoys her work while beginning a new chapter with WeatherNation TV.

Moreover, she has been making more updates on her Twitter relating to recent weather forecasting; she goes by the handle @CassieNallWBIR, so follow her if you want to keep updated on the climate and match the attire for the day.