Is Brittany Lincicome Pregnant? Where Is The Golfer Today?

Brittany Lincicome is rumored to be pregnant and expecting their second child; however, she has yet to confirm the news. Find out more about them.

For a long time, Brittany Lincicome has been a household name in the golf world.

She is regarded as one of the best female drivers in the game, having set the bar high from the start with a driving distance of 270.3 yards on average.

Today: Is Brittany Lincicome Pregnant 2022?

Brittany Lincicome is rumored to be expecting a child in 2022, but she has yet to confirm the news. She is expecting her second child, according to the New York Times.

According to one Twitter user, she is 20-something weeks pregnant and finished second in the ShopRite LPGA Classic final round.

She is a professional golfer from the United States who competes on the LPGA Tour. She is now based in Gulfport, Florida.

Lincicome is a female golfer with one of the most extended drives. She led the LPGA in driving distance in her debut year, 2005, with an average of 270.3 yards. Her driving average increased to 278.6 yards in 2006, placing her second among all LPGA players. Her moniker “Bam-Bam” comes from her tremendous length off the tee. Lincicome has two major championships: the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2009 and the ANA Inspiration in 2015.

Brittany Lincicome Husband And Baby Emery Reign

Dewald Gouws, Brittany Lincicome’s husband, was a professional golfer most known for reaching the finals of the 2008 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. He competed in the finals against Jamie Sadlows but ultimately lost. Dewald was born in South Africa but moved to the United States to be with Brittany.

In December of 2015, Dewald and Brittany tied the knot. Gouws proposed to Brittany in 2014, and the couple had enough time to plan the wedding before the 2015 season began. They had a visually appealing wedding with family, friends, golf colleagues, and relatives as guests. Both enjoy golf and, in particular, long drives, so they were sure to run into each other.

Dewald must have played a significant role in establishing his wife Brittany’s current legacy. He appears to have been tremendously supportive as a spouse, parent, and golf advisor. Even though he did not have the illustrious career he had planned for, he did get to assist his wife in becoming one of the forces to be reckoned with in long driving. As far as we can tell, the couple’s relationship is exhibiting no indications of tremors, and let’s hope they stay as happy as they are now for the rest of their lives.

In July 2019, Dewald and his wife Brittany had their first child, Emery Gouws, born two months early. Emery, Brittany Lincicome’s baby, has become a social media sensation, with followers adoring the cute little girl. Dewald and Brittany are so proud of their daughter that they never fail to express their love for her.

A year before Emery was born as Brittany, the couple suffered a tragedy, and Dewald had to deal with the pain of a miscarriage. When Emery cried for the first time, they felt lucky and happy. This three-person family has a long and profitable road ahead of them, so let’s hope we see many more of them in the days ahead.