Is Bobby Shmurda Haitian By Nationality? Parents Ethnicity And Family Life Explored

Is Bobby Shmurda Haitian by nationality? To learn more about the rapper’s family background and personal life, continue to pursue it.

Ackqulle Jean Pollard, better known by his stage name Bobby Shmurda, is a professional American rapper.

He is most known for founding and popularizing Brooklyn Drill Music.

When the rapper’s single “Hot Nigga” reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014, the rapper became an international sensation.

Shmurda signed a deal with Epic Records as a result of the single’s success.

In the same year, he made headlines after being charged with a murder plot, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment by police.

Is Bobby Shmurda Haitian by Nationality?

No, Bobby Shmurda is known to be an American by nationality.

Bobby Shmurda Parents And Ethnicity

Bobby Shmurda’s parents are Gervase Johnson (father) and Leslie Pollard (mother).

Gervase is Jamaican, and Pollard is African American.

In that case, Bobby holds a mixed ethnicity.

His father, Johnson, was sentenced to 120 years in jail two months after he was born.

Following that, Leslie moved the family to Brooklyn, New York, as a result of his sentence.

Bobby told Complex that if Johnson hadn’t been imprisoned, the family would most likely still be in Florida.

According to public records, Gervase was convicted of murder and robbery.

Where Was He Born?

Rapper Bobby Shmurda was born on August 4th, 1994 in Miami, Florida.

Since childhood, he was involved in criminal activities and also spent 15 months in detention for carrying gun charges that were later dropped.

Additionally, Bobby has a sibling, his brother, whose name is Javanese Shmurda.