Is American Football Tight End Tyler Higbee Racist? Everything On His Girlfriend & Assault Charges

Is the NFL footballer Tyler Higbee racist? Know why he was arrested for assault charges and what actually happened.

Tyler Higbee is an American professional footballer who currently plays for Los Angeles Rams in the NFL.

Playing as a tight end in the pitch, Higbee has been able to establish himself as one of the important players of the team and make a name for himself.

However, besides his gameplay on the pitch, Tyler has also been on the headlines for several other reasons.

Recently in his game against Seattle Seahawks, Higbee injured his shoulder and exited the game as reported by Ramswire.

Although the source mentions him later returning to the match, he is a big question for the coming matches as he could be sidelined with the injury.

Apart from this, Higbee was also arrested for an assault charge after he was found to have thrown racist slurs towards a person a couple of years earlier.

Is Tyler Higbee Racist?

Well, it is quite extreme to label someone as a racist but fans constantly call Tyler Higbee a racist every time he plays.

Scrolling through the Twitter feeds, it can be a regular sight to catch some users calling Higbee a racist every time they see him on the pitch.

This seems logical at least from a fan’s perspective though since he was previously headlined for saying racial slurs towards a middle east person.

Although there are no current reports of Tyler Higbee being involved in racist activities, the viewers still seem to remember the earlier incident and remind the athlete of his wrongdoings.

Who Is Tyler Higbee Girlfreind In 2021?

Tyler Higbee doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend in 2021 and is probably single.

There are no news reports that mention the American football tight end being in a romantic relationship in recent times.

Similarly, the athlete has not uploaded photos of anyone particular that hints at him dating someone in 2021.

Hence, unless the footballer is keeping matters extremely secret, Tyler Higbee is believed to be single and without a girlfriend in 2021.

Tyler Higbee Assault Charges: Why Was He Arrested?

Tyler Higbee was arrested for assault charges for badly beating a middle eastern man named Nawaf Alsaleh.

Bleacher Report reports that Higbee gave concussion to a man named Nawaf after beating him to a pulp.

Similarly, Tyler also used some racial slurs in his fighting where he is reported to have said ISIS these nuts and go back to your country to Alsaleh.

This incident created massive headlines in 2017 and the athlete was eventually served with different punishments along with an undisclosed amount of money paid to the victim.

Even though he barely managed to avoid jail time, Higbee was reported to serve 250 hours in community service and is restricted from consuming alcohol and possessing a firearm.