Is Alec Baldwin In Jail? Prop Gun Misfire Killed Halyna Hutchins -Details To Know

Actor Alec Baldwin was not arrested even though he killed a woman and severely injured a man after the prop gun in a movie set misfired.

The American actor Alec Baldwin looks likely to be involved in another controversy and possible trouble after a horrific incident took place recently.

In the movie set of the film Rust, Baldwin shot down two people after the fired prop gun fatally wounded the victims, reports BBC.

On top of that, the news also mentions that the woman who was shot has apparently died in a hospital whereas another man is going through a serious treatment.

The incident has quickly flooded the internet as people online are discussing and expressing their opinions about the shooting.

Is Alec Baldwin In Jail? Prop Gun Misfire Killed Halyna Hutchins

No. The actor Alec Baldwin is not in jail and has not been arrested since no charges have been filed even after the shooting killed Halyna Hutchins.

In the firing incident that took place in the new Mexico film set, Baldwin reportedly shot two people with the prop gun.

Both of them were severely injured and were immediately rushed to the hospital.

Among those two people was a 42-year-old female named Halyna Hutchins who was working as the director of photography.

Sadly, Hutchins died in the hospital while another victim, the director of the film, Joel Souza is in critical condition, according to The Guardian.

Furthermore, reports reveal that no charges have been filed against the actor to this date and thus Baldwin is not in jail.

How Old Is Alec Baldwin?

The American actor Alec Baldwin’s age is 63 years old.

He was born on April 3, 1958, in Amityville, New York, the United States as reported by his Wikipedia bio.

Born as the eldest child of the four actor brothers in the Baldwin family, Baldwin started his acting career with a Television soap opera at the age of 22.

That was quickly followed by other stage as well as on-screen appearances as he, today, stands as a renowned actor in the industry.

What Is Alec Baldwin Net Worth?

Alec Baldwin reportedly has a net worth of $60 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Furthermore, it also reports that the actor takes a salary of $300 thousand per episode for any such acting series.

Discussing his wealth, the major source of his earnings is obviously his acting career where he has managed to establish himself as a popular figure.

In fact, Alec was also named as a ‘rising star’ by American cinematographer magazine in 2019.