Is Al Michaels Leaving NBC, Where Is He Going To Work?

Al Michaels is a sports reporter known for working with ABC sports for over three decades.

Date of Birth 1945
Birthplace Brookyln, New York
Age 77
Profession Sportscaster
Wife Linda Anne Stamaton
Children 2
Net Worth $40 million

He has worked as a sportscaster since 1971 with NBC Sports and ABC Sports. He is currently working on Thursday Night Football as the play-by-play announcer.

He is also an emeritus role for NBC Sports. He has been seen as working as a play-by-play announcer for ABC Monday Night Football and NBC Sunday Night Football.

Is Al Michaels Leaving NBC?

Al Michaels is an American sports commentator who has left NBC’s Sunday Night Football, but he’s not leaving NBC. He has been given emeritus status, due to which he will be seen continuing his work across NBC Sports’ high-profile properties.

He is also expected to work on NFL playoff games on NBC. Similarly, he is also set to help NBC with Olympics coverage again in 2024.

Michaels has worked on NBC’s Sunday Night Football since 2006 with his longtime partner Cris Collinsworth. Cris will not leave the show and will be seen this season with Mike Tirico.

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In this offseason, various changes were seen in the NFL broadcasting in which Michael’s transfer from NBC to Amazon has been one of the several big shakeups.

The sportscaster also worked in ABC’s Monday Night Football games in 1986. He had worked for ABC till 2006 and then joined NBC.

Where Is Al Michaels Going To Work?

After leaving NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Al Michaels has taken the offer to work in Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football this season.

The show is the first of its new exclusive deal from Amazon. Al is set to broadcast all 16 games on Thursday nights for Amazon this season.

Similarly, a college football analyst for ESPN, Kirk Herbstreit, has also joined as one of the broadcasters for Amazon. So, Kirk might be seen working together Al in the new season.

People have liked Al’s co-hosting with Cris Collinsworth on NBC. So, people are also curious to know how the bond and co-hosting chemistry will be between Al and Kirk on Thursday Night Football.

Al Michaels Net Worth In 2022

The net worth of Al Michaels is estimated to be $40 million in 2022.

He earned $8 million annually while working with the NBC broadcasting network.

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He has signed a $33 million deal for three years with Amazon to broadcast Thursday Night Football. So, he is earning a significant amount of income from his profession.

He has been in the field of broadcasting sports since 1964 and has earned his name and fame from his profession.

What Happened To Al Michaels?

Al Michaels left Sunday Night Football, which created a lot of buzzes. People started to assume that he would be leaving the show and NBC.

But later, NBC clarified that he might be leaving the show but is not leaving the broadcasting system, and he will work on future projects or cover game events for NBC.

He had been in NBC for a long time and made many contributions to the network.


Why is Al Michaels leaving NBC?

He is leaving NBC’s Sunday Night Football but not leaving NBC’s broadcasting network.

Is Al Michaels still married?

Al Michaels married his wife Linda in 1966, and they have been married for over 50 years.

What network is Al Michaels going to?

Al Michaels is going to Amazon to broadcast Thursday Night Football.

Who is Al Michaels’s wife?

Al Michaels’s wife is Linda Anne Stamaton.