Internet Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Until very recently, the average Nigerian didn’t believe that it was possible to make cool, decent money online from Nigeria.

But a lot of recent evidences has been able to convince the doubting ‘thomases’ that making money online is not a myth but a reality. Linda Ikeji makes over a hundred million dollars yearly just from blogging; no stress, no sweat.

So, which is it going to be? Are you going to keep doubting or join the long list of people who are already making cool money online in Nigeria?

If you choose the latter, then come along with me while I reveal to you the secrets of making money online in Nigeria.

Why should you start an internet-based business?

Well, it is no longer news that the world has become a global village. A lot of businesses and activities now take place over the internet and businesses are gradually moving from the traditional brick and mortar settings to the internet.

In fact, I believe that a time is coming where at least 70% of businesses would be transacted over the internet.

So it makes sense that you should join the trend now and establish yourself as an authority in your field before everyone and their cats catch on to the trend.

Another reason why you should start an online business is that it is relatively cheap to start. There are even some online businesses that you could start with no money at all; all you need is access to the internet whether via your phone, laptop or a computer.

Internet business is also very lucrative because you have access to clients outside of your geographical region and you can get paid international rates.

What do you need to start an internet-based business?

Dedication and Perseverance

Making good money off the internet is not a day’s job. It would take a lot of time, hard work and energy. Without any of these, you are going to give up within a short time because internet businesses though very lucrative, are riddled with challenges.

Decide on the business you want to do

The next step to starting your internet business is to decide on the kind of business you want to do. Do you want to create an online store to sell products? Do you want to make money from building websites for people? Create a blog to tell your story and teach people stuffs?

The choice is completely yours to make. If you are confused about the kind of business you should start, visit and you would find lots of internet-based business ideas to choose from.

Create a Business Plan

Many people that run internet based businesses refuse to write a business plan. You shouldn’t make this mistake. A business plan is a blueprint for your business which helps you to stay organized and focused at all times. It also helps you to grow your internet business easily.

Create a Website

Creating a website for your business is now dirt-cheap. With less than N10,000, you can create a fully-functional website for your business which would serve all your basic needs. You could even learn to build it yourself in order to save some money.

Register with Payoneer or relevant payment processors

Payoneer is an online payment processing services that allows you to receive payments for your online services when you are dealing with international clients.

On the Nigerian front here, you could register with Interswitch or any other good payment processor to make it easy for you to receive payments for your services online.

Setting up an internet business is a fairly easy process and I believe that if you follow the steps that I have outline above, you’ll find it extremely easy.

But if you still feel like you need more information or you get confused along the way, visit and you’ll find all the information that you need.