Inside Wayne Carey and Kelli Stevens Affair, How Long Were They Together?

Wayne Carey, the former Australian rules footballer, was involved in an extra-marital affair with his mate’s wife, Kelli Stevens, in 2002, leading to his career ending in 2004.

In February 2022, 20 years after the affair’s initial backlash, Carey admitted that having an affair with Anthony Stevens’s wife was his worst adult mistake while partaking in the third season of SAS Australia.

Later in August, at a celebration honouring the 26th anniversary of their 1996 triumph, Carey and Stevens reconnected. At the event, Carey and Stevens got into a verbal fight. However, according to reports, things later calmed down. The two walked on and drank a beer together, so there was no chance of conflict afterwards.

Last Thursday, a bag dropped out of Carey’s pocket while playing at Perth’s Crown Casino. As soon as security arrived, the 51-year-old acknowledged that the whitish substance present in that bag was his anti-inflammatory medicine. As a result, he received a two-year ban from all Crown locations on suspicion of using illegal drugs.

Inside Wayne Carey and Kelli Stevens Affair

Wayne was one of the best players to play in the Australian Football League in the late 1990s. He was loved by many AFL fans and was admired by young players who tried to mimic his success in the league. However, he dug the hole that led to the burial of his professional career as an AFL player.

Everything began in 2002 when he was spotted with the wife of Anthony Stevens, who was also the vice-captain of the team he was a part of. They were close before the event, and Stevens had even served as Carey’s groomsman during his wedding to his then-wife Sally McMahon. That year in March, Glenn Archer, a teammate, hosted a party that Carey and Stevens attended.

According to Carey, Kelli followed him into the restroom in front of a sizable audience, including her husband. Carey and Stevens got into a fight, and as a result, neither player showed up for football practice. Carey escaped to Las Vegas, USA, to avoid media attention. Later, he left North Melbourne in disgrace when his squad turned on him and received widespread censure.

Wayne Carey Is Involved In A Relationship With Five Different Woman

Despite being known as an essential player in the history of AFL, Wayne is also famous for his relationship history and affairs. He is involved in a relationship with five different women in his life, including his short-term ex-girlfriend Kelli Stevens.

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Many people criticize him for his mistrustful behaviour toward women, and indeed it is one of many things that have deteriorated the incredible legacy and fame the ex-AFL player had. Here is the information about the relationships Carey was involved in.

Sally McMahon (2001-2006)

In 2001, Wayne Carey married his longtime girlfriend Sally McMahon at a private ceremony in the presence of their respective families. They had first met at a party in Wagga Wagga when he was turning 20, and she was 17.

But their relationship deteriorated after the North Melbourne skipper had an illicit relationship with Kelli, the wife of his former teammate Antony Stevens, only one year after they had tied the knot. Carey and Sally were able to patch things up and had a daughter a few months before they split in 2006.

Kelli Stevens – 2002

Anthony Stevens, a member of his team, had wed Kelli in 1998. When Stevens went to a party at the home of colleague Glenn Archer, it became clear that Carey was having an affair with Kelli. At a birthday celebration, colleagues discovered Wayne and Kelli in the restroom together, ending both men’s marriages. Six years after the scandalous affair, Wayne and Kelli ended their relationship for good in 2008.

Kate Neilson (2006 – 2009)

After parting ways with Sally in 2006, Carey started dating fashion model Kate Neilson. Even though they were briefly engaged in 2009, the relationship ended due to claims that Carey was unfaithful. Even though they were still in contact, their relationship was less than ideal. The model indicated that it took them a while to advance to that point.

Stephanie Edwards (2011 – 2016)

In 2011, two years after his third unsuccessful relationship, Carey began dating Stephanie. In 2015, the pair were engaged, although this union was similarly short-lived. The couple brought Charlotte, now seven years old, into the world in 2014. But in 2016, it was revealed that Carey and Stephanie had broken up earlier in the year and were now resolving their differences.

Jessica Paulke (2018 to present)

The former AFL player is in a relationship with a victorian model, Jessica Paulke. Carey and Jessica Paulke were initially seen together at the Australian Open in January 2018, and their relationship became public a few months later. They both became pregnant the same year, and Carter Michael Carey, their first child, was born in February 2019. Their relationship is doing well right now, and we wish the pair nothing but the best for the future.

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Wayne Carey’s Net Worth In 2022

According to reports, the retired football player’s net worth was $1.5 million as of 2022. His primary sources of revenue were his lucrative contracts and brand alliances. Carey has been a Friday night football analyst and Talking Footy panellist for Channel Seven since 2014. He worked as an assistant coach for several teams after retiring and is currently a well-known analyst and host.

Additionally, he has written as a writer for The Age and is a frequent contributor to The Midweek Rub, a section on Triple M’s The Rush Hour that has now been split into its podcast. Before being sacked for a glassing incident in Miami, he previously worked for 3AW and Channel 9.

Wayne is easily one of the greatest players in the history of Australian rules football. He started playing Australian rules football when he was eight years old and participated in rugby league as a junior. Carey moved to Adelaide when he was thirteen years old, where he went to The Heights School and played junior football for North Adelaide. He was named The King for his ferocious performances in the game.

He has won four Syd Barker Medals and seven All-Australian selections while playing for North Melbourne. He won two AFL Premierships with the Kangaroos and was voted Player of the Year by the Australian Football Media Association in 1998.

Wayne Carey’s Drug-Related Controversies

Wayne has battled substance misuse his whole life despite his football accomplishments. He has been involved in multiple crimes that range from molestation to drug consumption. However, two events made him face the most backlash among his several illegal activities.

Carey acknowledged publicly in March 2008 that he had long been an alcoholic and cocaine addict. He was frank in the discussion of his life and current events. He was refused entry to a speaking event at Barwon Prison in February 2012 because cocaine residue was discovered on his clothes.

Recently on September 1, 2022, Carey was playing the slots when a Ziploc bag containing whitish powder dropped onto the table. Carey said the material was a crushed anti-inflammatory and disputed that it was illicit. Carey was given a notice of license withdrawal, which prevented him from entering Crown estates for two years.

To see the Fremantle-Bulldogs elimination game, he was staying at the Crown hotel, where he was kicked out for his behaviour. This also means that he won’t be able to attend the 2022 Brownlow Medal count, which will be placed at Melbourne’s Crown Palladium.