In Jeen-yuhs, Kanye West Flew To See Designer Tina Frey, Who is She?

Kanye flew all the way to California to meet the modern handmade resin designer Tina Frey. Let’s learn about her and her partnership with Kanye West.

The third part of Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy shows the rapper flying all the way to California to visit Tina Frey. And now, all Kanye fans are eager to know who she is and why Kanye took the trip.

Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy is an American documentary film directed by Coodie & Chike that shows the life of the rapper, record producer, and fashion designer Kanye West.

Without further ad, let’s dive right into knowing her.

Who Is Tina Frey From Kanye West Documentary?

Tina Frey is a Calfornia-based resin artist who primarily focuses on making decorative homeware pieces.

She founded her company Tina Frey designs in 2007, and prior to that, she had a career in finance.

Despite working with big companies like Ernst & Young, LVMH, and The Gap, an urge to work for oneself always had a space within.

And following the call, it took her 13 years to quit doing what she was accustomed to and start everything from scratch.

She loves the attachment she has with her work, and every piece she makes.

Tina Frey Wikipedia

Tina Frey is unavailable on Wikipedia. But, now that she has collaborated with Kanye’s Yeezy, her recognition is sure gonna level up.

Though it might not make her way to Wikipedia, her details and backgrounds are sure to pop out more on the Internet. In addition to a boost in social media following.

Linking up with social media, one can find her on social media, where she shares her creative designs and arts.

She even sells them via her website

Explore Her Net Worth

No details of her net worth exist on the Internet, which we hope shall change shortly.

However, having seen that Tina’s more than a decade-long hand-molded resin items journey has given her optimum coverage by several global magazines, it must have made her deep-pocketed as well.

Plus, her collaboration with Yeezy certainly will boost her sales up.