Imallexx – Biography, Age, Height, Who Is The Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

The Minecraft video game is one that has not only been a huge success in entertaining people, but has also become a springboard with which many professional video game players have launched their careers. ImAllexx, a British YouTuber, has been described as an internet sensation on several occasions. Find out everything there is to know about the celebrity below.

Imallexx Bio (Age)

Before the fame and fortune he owes to his name Imallexx, a professional video game player whose full name is Alexander Liam Elmslie, was just another ordinary human. He was born in England on February 1, 1999. He is therefore of British nationality and his ethnicity is white.

As of now, the information regarding the player’s parents, his childhood, whether or not he had any siblings, the schools he attended, etc., has yet to be revealed to the public. The media has also been unable to reveal and piece together facts about ImAllexx’s life before fame.

Anyway, we know a lot more about how the ImAllexx started and developed his online gaming career. He started online by posting gaming videos and with his Minecraft commentary going viral, many more people got to know him. He took the opportunity to create a Twitch account which quickly attracted an impressive following with his live streams on FIFA and Xbox.

From live streaming his video games, ImAllexx began making videos where he commented on current topics. To reach a wider audience, he created his YouTube channel (ImAllexx) in 2013. Some of his early videos are “View Botting Cheaters”, “Desperate Man Buys A Woman”, “We Must Stop Emma Chamberlain”., “GradeA Defends Leafy!? Ricegum CALLS OUT iDubbbz” and “I Looted My Daughter”. He also directed “We Need To Stop” videos against Logan Paul, Danielle Cohn, KSI and James Charles.

To add to his YouTube activities, Alex co-hosts the Camp Casting and Happy Hour Podcast. He co-hosts the former with James Marriott and the latter with JaackMaate and Steve. Both podcasts have been wildly successful since their debut and have garnered thousands of subscribers with more to follow.

Who is the boyfriend or girlfriend?

Contrary to what many people thought about his sexuality, Imalexx shocked his fans and non-fans alike when he made a revelation about his sexuality. He revealed that he was bisexual, contrary to what many people usually assumed. To believe it, he revealed that he once dated fellow American YouTuber Kingani and Australian YouTuber Skyyefall. However, at the moment, he is single and apparently focusing more on his career.

Size and other facts about Imallexx

  • Body measurements (height and weight)

Imallexx has a slim body. He stands at a height of 1.72m and weighs 61kg. The YouTuber has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Among other body traits, much has been said about its tongue, as it is larger than average.

  • Net value

It is no longer news that a lot of money is being made online by content creators, especially YouTubers. Among his activities on YouTube and the Internet, including his online store where he sells sweaters, snapbacks, t-shirts, hoodies and more, the young man has been able to accumulate a net worth of at least $250,000.

  • Social media handles

In case you’re wondering what the right social response YouTuber’s media outlets are, you can find Alex on Twitter as @ImAllexx, on Instagram as @im_allexx, and as ImAllexx on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

  • Hobbies

In his spare time, Alexander Liam Elmslie plays lego or outdoors, spends time by the sea or fishing.

  • His exit

Before the YouTuber went public with his regarding sexuality, he first made a video titled “Hello, ImAllexx and I love d—” and, as you might expect, the video has aroused the interest of many people. ImAllexx finally came out as bisexual in the #ProudToBe With Chris Ray Gun video.