“If you don’t Love a Man, don’t Take his Luxurious Materials” Jaruma Advises Women

Nigerian sexual enhancer financial specialist, Hauwa Saidu, expertly known as Jaruma Realm, has taken to online entertainment to respond to the supposed homicide of Ummukulthum Sani by her Chinese accomplice, Gheng Chu, a couple of days prior, as she revealed one of the numerous things that her kindred ladies ought to never gather from their male partners on the off chance that they don’t have a profound love for them.

Review that the Kano State Police Order had a couple of days prior, affirmed the passing of Miss Ummukulthum Sani in the state, as many claimed that she was killed by her Chinese beau, Gheng Chu.

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As per the Country Paper, Gheng Chu in expressing his justification behind finishing the existence of his sweetheart uncovered that Ummukulthum Sani neglected to keep to her commitment of wedding him subsequent to spending his cash on her.

Thus, following such a report, Jaruma Realm, took to her authority Instagram page to respond, as she approached ladies to try not to take the rich materials of men that they don’t cherish.

The business visionary likewise encouraged men to quit hanging out and having closeness with ladies that they won’t wed, it isn’t great to add that such a way of life.

As indicated by Jaruma Realm, Ummukulthum Sani chose to outfox Gheng Chu after he involved his cash to buy costly properties for herself and furthermore went on her on an outing outside the country.

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