“I Will Miss Your Killer Shape” Vera Sidika’s Hubby Heaps Praises On Her After Butt Implants Removal

Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika’s husband and Kenyan singer, has eventually spoken up after his wife allegedly had surgery.

Mauzo said the route were difficult, but he favored Vera’s perseverance as she worked to teach the public approximately the dangers of butt implants. Although he misses his wife’s earlier killer physique, the singer cherishes her attraction.

“Dear Mrs., I apprehend how tough this has been. I’ve been there for you the complete time, and all I can say is that you’re a totally sturdy woman. I’m glad you located peace and popularity and that you sooner or later dared to pop out and train younger women.

“I pass over your killer parent terribly, but what I adore and treasure are your character and pure coronary heart. I will love you even more simply as you are,” he wrote.

Vera bowled over her enthusiasts when she found out that she had surgical operation because of health risks and complications. The Veetox founder, who described it because the most hard duration of her existence, cautioned ladies not to hurry into getting butt implants because they might damage their lives for top.

“This has been the most hard period of my existence; I needed to undergo surgical treatment because of health risks and complications. It’s nevertheless difficult to accept as true with, but I’ve familiar it and learned to like myself regardless. Ladies, please learn how to love your self and in no way allow peer strain to push you into doing things so one can spoil you within the destiny. I’m grateful to be alive because God loves me a lot,” she wrote.

Vera stated that the dangers of such surgeries are many, and the results are ‘unbearable.’ She also said that she sought counseling and is regularly adjusting to her new physique.