Joe Shulk is a bodybuilder who got famous on Tiktok. How tall is Joe Shulk? Please continue reading to find out his height and workout videos.

Joe Shulk is a fitness teacher who used exercise and weight training to reshape his body completely.

On his many social media channels, he is most recognized for his personal and online training.

Joe has a large number of fans on several platforms, including Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram.

How Tall Is Joe Shulk? His Height 

Joe Shulk’s actual height has yet to be revealed, but many of his fans are curious, and perhaps he will soon release his body statistics.

He has posted videos on his Instagram account with various height measurements, which may or may not be accurate until he admits them.

He was bullied as a youth because he was small, but now that he is tall and muscular, he may no longer be bullied.

Joe Shulk’s Age & Bio

Joe Shulk was born on July 29, 2000, making him 21 years old, according to We’re not sure whether this is his actual birthday because he seems to be quite mature.

@joeshulk Quick Shoulder Workout #gym #workout #fypシ ♬ Rain – Aitch & AJ Tracey

He is a well-known fitness teacher, as is Cody Rigsby. Cody is a celebrity fitness trainer who rose to prominence as a Peloton cycling teacher.

He was born to American parents and is an American citizen.

Joe’s Workout Video On YouTube Channel 

According to his YouTube bio, Joe said that “you can expect the best gym content in the game.”

Joe has also posted a video on Youtube which shows his life-changing transformation from a skinny boy to a muscular man.

Joe Shulk joined Youtube on December 16, 2020, and her total videos have received 485,605 views.

On his Youtube channel, he has 15.2K subscribers and usually posts exercise videos related to fitness.

In his videos, he teaches about the chest, shoulders, and how to lose weight.

Is Joe Shulk On TikTok & Instagram?

Joe Shulk is active on both Tiktok and Instagram accounts. 

In terms of his Tiktok account, his handle is @joeshulk, and he has 1.5 million followers.

Joe’s entire Tiktok videos have received 30.9 million likes, which is a high quantity.

Besides Tiktok, he can also be found using his Instagram account under the username @notshulk.

68.7k people follow Joe, and he has posted 530 posts on Instagram to date.

Looking at his posts on several platforms, we can guess his dedication to fitness and maintaining his body.