How Tall Is Drew On Survivor 45? Height Linked To Marfan Syndrome

How Tall Is Drew On Survivor 45? Is the Survivor contestant’s height linked to Marfan Syndrome? Delve inside as we uncover these details.

Drew Basile, a 22-year-old graduate student from Birmingham, Michigan, put his English and philosophy studies at the University of Pennsylvania on hold in pursuit of adventure on Season 45 of “Survivor.”

Drew, who lives in Philadelphia, embarked on this journey for the thrill of it to test his personal growth. He credits that to his mother’s unwavering support and inspiration.

A self-proclaimed bookworm, Drew prepared for the show by completing puzzles, working out his cardiovascular system, and even learning to swim.

He considers “Survivor” the ultimate test of character, combining his intellectual abilities with strategic thinking.

Despite his youth, Drew’s journey in this series is a testament to his determination, curiosity, and pursuit of self-discovery.

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Drew Basile, the Survivor 45 contestant, has been reported to be 6 feet 2 inches tall. However, when asked how tall he was, Basile replied he was 5 feet 10 inches, which was likely a joke.

He also replied “yes” to a comment asking if he was 7 feet tall. The contestant has kept his height a secret from his audience. 

Drew is remarkably tall, making other contestants in Survivor 45 look tiny compared to him. His height is one of the most compelling things about him.

Tall and towering, fans are always curious about his height, often asking about it as soon as he posts a picture.

However, no attempt has been successful. He has kept the details of his height private. His height has also made fans wonder if he is unusually tall or if other contestants are tiny.

Nothing can be said with absolute until the contestant confirms it. He is likely 6 to 7 feet tall. Projected to be the winner of Survivor 45, he stands as tall as his achievements.

Drew Height Linked To Marfan Syndrome

Drew Basile’s tall height does not necessarily indicate Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder of connective tissue.

Marfan syndrome causes excessive growth of long bones, resulting in taller people and longer limbs, but not all tall people have Marfan syndrome. It also includes other severe symptoms, including cardiovascular, eye, and musculoskeletal problems.

Although tall height is a symptom, it is one of many, and diagnosing this condition requires a comprehensive medical evaluation, including a physical exam and possibly genetic testing.

Without other characteristics or a medical diagnosis, Drew’s height does not indicate an association with Marfan syndrome. Many people are naturally tall and have no underlying health conditions.

It is inappropriate to assume a medical condition based solely on body size without other symptoms or a formal diagnosis. Only a medical professional can diagnose Marfan syndrome through detailed testing.

Until he confirms the details about his height, his privacy should be respected.

Drew Health Update 2023

There have been no rumors or speculation about Drew’s health in 2023. The available information only records the outline of his life and his career on Survivor 45.

The contestant has been making waves on Surviovr 45, has sound health, and is genuinely shining on the show.

He has a habit of talking in his sleep. In a deleted scene, he was captured talking in his sleep. He mentioned how it made him an outcast. 

Although he has mentioned his insecurities about his sleep talking, he stated how welcoming everyone on the show had been and how he felt his presence mattered.

Furthermore, being a fan favorite, Drew’s health is a matter of concern to the viewers, who take solace in knowing he is in good health.

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