How Old Is Weatherman Mike Bailey? Everything On Retired Television Presenter Who Went To Coma

How Old Is Mike Bailey Weatherman? The retired journalist’s age has been a matter of public concern after the recent news of him being in a coma. 

Mike Bailey is a former Australian reporter, journalist, political aspirant, and football club chairman who is also known to be a member of the Australian Labour Party. 

Out of all these, he was most renowned for being the weatherman for ABC News and many other news sources across Australia. 

However, most recently, Mike has not been trending for any of his journalism skills, but because of the fact that he is in a coma. 

With this news, people are concerned about knowing more regarding the personal details of Mike Bailey. 

How Old Is Mike Bailey Weatherman? His Age Revealed

Born around the year 1950, the famous weatherman Mike Bailey’s current age is 71 years old. 

However, his exact date of birth or birthday has not been revealed yet. Based on the article by DailymailUK, his current age has been extracted. 

Mike Bailey Wife

Mike Bailey is married to his longtime wife Helena Bailey. 

There is not much information on when they met, or when they got married. But, they have a child together: a son named Michael. 

Mike’s wife Helena was also a Tv presenter who worked for Channel 7. Helene used to be the “Miss Helena” of the children’s show Romper Room on Channel 7. 

Mike Bailey Net Worth

According to FamousBirthdays, Mike Bailey’s net worth is expected to be somewhere around $1.5 million. 

However, considering his years of experience and success, his net worth must be way greater than the mentioned one since he is still a very popular weatherman. 

Mike Bailey Coma Update

Mike Bailey is currently in a coma due to the recent stroke he had while he was in his house with his wife Helena. 

It has been reported by the family members of Mike that he is currently in Sydney Hospital and is properly taken care of. 

However, updates regarding his health condition have not been provided yet.