How Old Is Sawsan Badr? 

Sawsan Badr is a 62-year-old Egyptian actress born in Cairo on September 25, 1957. She dropped out of the science faculty and graduated from the High Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1979.

She has the nickname The Nefertiti of Egyptian Cinema. She is a professional actor screening on films, stage, and television. 

At the 6th edition of the Aswan Festival, held between 23-28 February, she is honored there. According to the Festival’s Board of Trustees, Badr represents a remarkable example of Egyptian women’s ingenuity and talent on the screen.

In Hussein Kamel’s 1980 film “Habibi Da’iman” (Always My Love), she gave a notable and notable performance. In addition, she earned several international awards and honors for her performance in “Al Dawair Al Mughlaqa” in 2001.

Sawsan Badr Husband 

According to the available information in her Wikipedia, she is married to her husband, Farid El Morshidi. 

At the 34th Cairo International Film Festival, she was named Best Actress. In the 1980 film Death of a Princess, she played Mishaal bint Fahd bin Mohammed Al Saud, a Saudi princess who was murdered for adultery along with her boyfriend.

Furthermore, the Saudi Arabian administration was enraged by the film’s representation of its history when it premiered in the United Kingdom. As a result, Badr was banned from Egyptian and Saudi television, and as a result, she lost several roles in the many projects following the film. 

Nevertheless, she had won the best actress award for the play “Al Ard La Tanbit Al Zuhur” and her role in the tv show “Dawlat Fahmy.”

Sawsan Badr Net Worth Explored. Meet Her On Instagram

Sawsan Badr, active on Instagram, has not yet revealed her net worth on the internet. However, the actress has been in the profession for a very long time. Through her professional career, she might have been able to add up some good fortune to her wealth.

The actress, despite her age, can still be seen working on the projects that she gets an offer from. She is also a networking sites user, frequently posting pictures of herself with her granddaughter.  

She has impressive followers of 670k, with whom she shares things happening in her life. We can meet her by her username- sawsanbadrofficial