How Old Is Jessie Fraser? Age Of ‘Hypnotic’ Actress Revealed

35-year-old British actress Jessie Fraser came under the limelight after getting cast for the Netflix thriller, Hypnotic.

The thriller movie Hypnotic is taking Netflix by storm. The film is an hour-long complete with mind games.

It follows the story of Jenn, a lady in a personal and professional dilemma. To get herself out of trouble, she decided to ask the help of a hypnotist.

Little known to her, she is sent on a part that she could never return.

Actress Jessie Fraser players the role of Amy.

Hypnotic: Jessie Fraser Age And Wikipedia- How Tall Is She?

Jessie Fraser is an actress from the United Kingdom. At present, she is 35 years old.

She stands at five feet eight inches.

Unfortunately, she does not have a Wikipedia page. Instead, you can get information about her life from wiki topics.

As a young girl, Fraser got her inspiration from movies. Her parents were beetle fans and used to play in their house all the time.

She remembers dancing to their songs while acting out to sections from Indianan Jones. She was so enamored by the movies that she went on to study Archival Studies.

Who Is The Family Of Jessie Fraser?

Jessie Fraser is the child of Britsh parents. They met during the 70 and fell in love.

Soon after, the couple tied the knot. A few years later, Jessie was born.

It is remarkable that even after 43 years of being married that are still together and in love.

Fraser made a tribute to their love story by posting a picture of them during their youth.

Is Jessie Fraser Married? Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Jessie Fraser is in a committed relationship with Alex Rose. The couple is together on her first Instagram post in 2015.

The picture shows the duo all dressed up in Star Wars customers.

It is unclear if they are still dating or have gotten married. Since Fraser’s social media does not have any wedding pictures, we can only assume they have not yet married.

The pair are parents to an adorable dog named Loki.

Jessie Fraser Net Worth Explored

As of 2021, the net worth of Jessie Fraser is still under review. According to her IMDb page, she has over 44 acting credits.

She started her carer in 2011, doing roles here and there.

The actress gained recognition when she acted in Supernatural.

Her role as Rita in The Man in High Castle, Corporal Lee in Zoo, and Jessie in Van Halsing have also gained descent fame.

Now, she will star in the 2021 movie Hypnotic as Amy.