How Old Is Canadian Musical Artist And Big Brother Cast Sebastien Plante? Age Revealed

Big Brother Celebrities contestant Sebastien Plante is stirring the show since the beginning. Read the article below to know all about the cast and his conjoint.

Sebastien Plante is one of the participants of Big Brother Celebrities this year. It is a reality TV show in which a group of celebrities lives in a custom-built house that is completely isolated from the outside world. They are under camera surveillance all the time.

Furthermore, Sebastien is a well-known musician who has produced numerous tunes.

Sebastien Plante Age & Wikipedia

Sebastien Plante’s age seems to be between 30 and 35 years old. The celebrity has kept the details of his birth date away from the public. However, we can guess his age by looking at his physical appearance.

Sebastien Plante does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page of his own. However, we can find many details about the celebrity through various websites and social media platforms.

Furthermore, Sebastien is a popular musician who has sung numerous songs. The singer had opened for the Rolling stones at the Bell Center. In fact, he had also won Felix awards out of fifteen nominations.

In addition to that, Plante had six singles on the Quebec charts. This included “On fait c’qu’on aime” which charted for more than 15 weeks.

Conjointe Jessyka Lapierre

Jessyka Lapierre is the conjointe of Sebastien Plante. Along with her boyfriend, she has also participated in the Big Brother Celebrities this year.

Lapierre has been working as a multidisciplinary artist since her very early twenties. She works as a presenter, actress, and singer in the musical duo SEBB & JESS. In addition to that, Jessyka is also a filmmaker. She had graduated from L’inis in 2018 and has a video production firm through which she is seen handling a number of advertising projects.

Jessyka is in her mid 40s. She is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. Furthermore, she stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall weighing 70kgs.

The couple has been staying together since they first met and has not separated since. In fact, they have been in a relationship for more than two years. They even have a musical duo and a youtube channel too.

Sebastien Plante Big Brother

Sebastien Plante is one of the participants of Big Brother Celebrities this year. It is an unscripted TV show in which a group of big-name members, known as housemates, live in an extraordinarily fabricated house. To add spice, the house is completely secluded from the rest of the world and is captured by the camera continuously.

The new round of Big Brother Celebrities has just started and Plante is already stirring the show by discussing his life outside the house and his love for Jessyka Lapierre. In the show, the Les Respectables singer and his girlfriend share vibrancy as well as create remarkable blues works of art and outline the best of rock and roll.