How long has Kim Jung Gi been drawing for? How did Kim Jung learn to draw?

Kim Jung Gi was a Cartoonist. Korean artist Kim Jung Gi was born in 1975 in the town of Goyang-Si, located in the province of Kyongki-Do South Korea. At 19, this budding artist enrolled at a Fine Arts School, majoring in Art and Design.

Kim’s most notable creative asset is his memory, something he has developed over a number of years. His ability to render extremely complicated scenes near-perfectly from memory, without the aid of references, has stretched the boundaries of what many artists believed was possible.

Kim has six sketchbooks in print, which equate to about 4,500 pages worth of drawings in a span of 12 years. He also collaborated with the legendary Japanese artist Katsuya Terada in 2017. The pair put together an amazing sketchbook of various drawings, showing off their talents.

He holds the record for “Longest drawing by an individual” in the Guinness World Records book.

How long has Kim Jung Gi been drawing for?

Kim’s professional art career begins only at the age of 27, but he’s been drawing with amazing accuracy since kindergarten.

At 19, Jung Gi enrolled in art and design courses at the Dong-Eui University of Busan, which is famous for its technical instruction. He drew inspiration from his interaction with the 23,000 fellow students on campus.

How did Kim Jung learn to draw?

He figured out perspective and anatomy before even studying it properly, drawing in 3D, so to speak, while the other kids were still drawing flat images.

In this stage of his formation, the most powerful tool was and still is, observation. Combined with constant practice, this attitude built the foundation of his works today.