Hisashi Ouchi Body Real Photos On Reddit, Why Was He Kept Alive?

Hisashi Ouchi body at the University of Tokyo Hospital can be found on Reddit. He was kept alive for research purposes.

While undergoing his treatment, he claimed he couldn’t go on like this. He said this a week into being admitted to the University of Tokyo Hospital in the first week.

Despite this, his treatment continued indefinitely. Ouchi’s seemingly lifeless body experienced three heart attacks within an hour on the 59th day of his hospitalization.

The hospital’s doctors extended each suffering each time by resuscitating him after each heart attack. The technician died of multiple organ failure on the 83rd day following his hospitalization.

They kept a husk of a man alive for 83 days bringing into question their morals. The doctors treating him did the exact opposite of what they were taught to do by keeping Ouchi alive for 83 days.

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As a result, Ouchi’s case has gone down in history as an act of cruelty committed solely for the purpose of research.

Hisashi Ouchi Walking Ghost Phase Story

Hisashi Ouchi was kept alive against his will. After the accident which left him at death’s door, he arrived at the University of Tokyo Hospital with radiation burns all over his body, a low white blood cell count, and serious internal organ damage.

He would’ve died immediately if not for the hospital professionals who intervened. On his first week at the hospital, he was in intensive care, undergoing cutting-edge cancer treatment to improve his white blood cell count.

Moreover, he received numerous skin grafts and blood transfusions.

He didn’t want to live due to the severe pain. “I can’t handle it anymore,” he informed the physicians after a week of treatment. “I am not a guinea pig.”

However, his treatment continued until he eventually died. It is a true horror story indeed.