Hilario Lopez Millan Pareja Actual: Wikipedia And Edad

People are curious to know about Hilario Lopez Millan Pareja. Hilario Lopez has died because of illness, and this article revolves around some of his personal information. 

All because of the Xavier Gassió-directed The palmthe space, which aired on TVE in 1991, Lopez Millán was one of the forerunners of heart television programs. 

He also worked with presenters like Mara Teresa Campos in Day to Day, Ana Rosa Quintana in Taste of You, and Carolina Ferre in sailor fabric from Channel 9. 

He participated in many radio programs, including Protagonists, viper’s Tongue, here I Wait for You, and the corner of Glory, and was also given an Antena de Oro. 

He was, nevertheless, well known for his close connection with singer Roco Jurado. People are curious to know about his personal life after his death news spread online.

So be with us till the end to learn about Hilario Lopez Millan Pareja and other details regarding his personal life.

Hilario Lopez Millan Pareja Actual

Hilario Lopez Millan Pareja Actual is Alberto. He was married to the journalist Albert Castillón. Alberto and Lopez were partners for 46 years and were totally in love with each other.

The chronicler was a popular television character in the tabloids in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but he admitted in an interview with EL PAS in 2020 that he had no immediate plans to return to the small screen.

“I’m not excited, to be honest. You aren’t vibrating like you used to, and I have to look after Alberto. Additionally, there comes a time when they stop calling you because you are the oldest. Or I don’t follow suit. Never have I been loud. He takes that even though I have counted things and haven’t fought or walked on anyone else. Now I get to choose,” he mentioned once.

He decided to spend the time with his husband Alberto, who has had health issues for a while. In a 2021 interview with The Spanish, he revealed that they met in a bar where he had made some pals. 

The journalist, who in that interview described his partner as a devoted companion, a fine friend, a superb conversationalist, affectionate and cultured, would confess, “Let’s say it was love at first sight,” “I can’t ask for anything more from life.”

Wikipedia And Edad Of Hilario Lopez Millan

Due to his deep knowledge of musical subjects and his close association with folkloric musicians like Roco Jurado, Lola Flores, Concha Piquer, and Juanita Reina, López Millán rose to prominence as one of the media’s most significant figures in the 1990s and 2000s. 

After spending the first half of his life in Madrid, the late journalist moved back to his hometown of Helln, Albacete, where he lived his final years with his partner. 

He packed his bags in the middle of the 1960s and headed for the capital to realize his goal. His radio career as a professional one started when he graduated from the Estación Escuela de Radio Juventud.

Among the people who have collaborated with López Millán at some point are Encarna Sánchez, Maria Teresa Campos, and Ana Rosa Quintana. 

But if there was anything he was unquestionably enthusiastic about, it was the copla. And so, in the year 2000, a journalist named As De Coplas released an album, but he wasn’t the only one.

His devotion to this musical genre made him one of the most recognizable characters on the Se llama copla program on Canal Sur, which aired in 2007 for five years.

The journalist and writer Hilario dies at age 78 from “extreme dehydration.”