Hesham Selim Siblings: Meet His Brother Khaled Selim

Khaled Selim is the only Sibling of Hesham Selim.

Khaled is an actor known for the movies Scarecrow (2019), Neeran Sadeeqa (2013) and Flimflam (2016).

Khaled is married to his wife, Youssra, who starred together with him in the 17th episode of the Ramadan hit “Harb Ahleya” (Civil War).

Who Was Hesham Selim?

Hesham Selim was an Egyptian actor, born on January 27, 1958.

Selim began acting from childhood and has since stuck to his career, starring in several movies and television series.

Selim has starred in the movies Bahethat an al horeya, Al (2005), Kalam fel hob (2005),
Enta omry (2004), Mahmoud Al-Masri (2004), Leqaa ala al hawaa (2004); and TV series Omar Malak rohi (2003), Young Abdel Majid Banat, El (2003), Kamal El Nazer (2000), and Assifa, Al (2000).

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He appeared in the TV shows Kalabsh 3 (2019), Malak rohi (2003), Amaken Fel Qalb (2005), Lahazat Harega Critical moments (2007), and Harb elgawasis Spies war (2009).

In 2020, Selim revealed on television that he had a 26-year-old transgender son.

Selim passed away on September 22, 2022.

The late actor is survived by his wife Nadia Al Ghaleb, his father, Saleh Selim, his brother, Khaled Selim, and three children.