Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video Gone Viral: Story Explained

The leaked video allegedly showing Hassan Mugambi engaging in intimate activities with an unknown woman has caused a massive stir on social media.

The Kenyan Journalist Hassan Mugambi, who has won several awards for his investigative reporting on Citizen TV, has recently become a trending topic on Twitter in Kenya. 

This happened after a controversial blogger named Edgar Obare posted unconfirmed allegations against Mugambi, accusing him of being a deadbeat Father and cheating on his partner. 

The allegations quickly gained attention on social media, with people who claimed to know the Journalist sharing the unverified reports with Obare. 

As a result, Mugambi’s name started trending on Twitter in Kenya, and the story became a topic of discussion among many Kenyan netizens.

Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video Gone Viral

On Sunday, May 7, 2023, a leaked video of Citizen TV Journalist Hassan Mugambi engaging in intimate activities with an unknown woman went viral on social media. 

The video shared widely, showed Mugambi compromising with the woman, sparking conversations and rumors online. However, whether the video is of him is yet to be confirmed.

This incident has caused a massive stir on social media, with Kenyans expressing their disappointment and shock at the Journalist’s alleged behavior. The video has brought Hassan Mugambi to the limelight, with many wondering who the woman in the video is and how it leaked. 

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The issue has generated lots of discussions online, and people are eagerly waiting for more information to come out.

Hassan Mugambi Story Explained

Following the leak, controversial blogger Edgar Obare received allegations from someone close to Mugambi’s baby mama claiming he is a deadbeat Father. 

The source alleged that Mugambi sired a daughter with his baby mama and refused to take parental responsibilities, even after a DNA test confirmed paternity. The source also claimed that Mugambi had sex with his baby mama’s friend, who then took a photo of him in a compromising position and sent it to his baby mama to mock her.

Mugambi has not yet responded to the allegations, but they have caused a stir on social media, with many people expressing disappointment in him. 

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Some have also called for tougher legislation to deal with perpetrators of revenge porn and for people to stop recording intimate moments to sell them to influencers like Obare.

Why Is Hassan Mugambi Trending On The Internet?

Hassan Mugambi is currently trending on the internet for several reasons. 

The first reason is the leaked video allegedly showing him engaging in intimate activities with an unknown woman. The video was shared widely on social media, sparking conversations and debates on various platforms. 

The second reason Hassan Mugambi is trending on the internet is the allegations of being a deadbeat Father and cheating on his baby mama. 

The third reason why Mugambi is trending on the internet is the introduction of his fiancé to the online community. He shared a photo of himself and his fiancé on social media, and netizens were quick to react, with many congratulating the couple. In contrast, others took the opportunity to air their opinions on the allegations against him.

Therefore, the recent allegations against him have sparked debates on journalistic ethics and the responsibility of media personalities in society.