Has SAD-ist Revealed Her Face? Here’s Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Has SAD-ist Revealed Her Face? Get to know more interesting facts about SAD-ist in this article below.

SAD-ist is a Filipino activity YouTuber known for her movement recordings spinning around Minecraft YouTubers and decorations from the Dream SMP.

She has likewise made a liveliness dependent on the profoundly expected Technoblade versus Dream $100,000 duel supported by MrBeast and vivified a clasp from Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt series including GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo.

These recordings have arrived at 17 million perspectives and more than 21 million perspectives, separately.

Her name “SAD-ist” and her person’s scowl face veil was a consequence of her young “emotional stage”, and chose to have a glare face cover rather than a grin covers as she suspected grin covers were exaggerated.

Name SAD-ist
Birthday September 24, 2002
Age 19 years
Gender Female
Nationality Filipino
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth $68.1K-$408K
Instagram sad_istfied

Has SAD-ist Revealed Her Face?

The answer to this query is “NO”.

Her face has been hidden from her fans to date.

SAD-ist is fundamentally known for her film trailer-style movements of the Dream SMP – Dream SMP War, The Fall, Dawn of the sixteenth, and Hog Hunt, all of which have outperformed 10 million perspectives.

Her recordings have reached moving on various occasions also, most outstandingly Hog Hunt and Dawn of the Sixteenth which came to #1 on moving after their deliveries.

2WEI, the maker of the music SAD-ist utilizes for this liveliness, has additionally shown support for her work, and surprisingly made music/sound plan explicitly for Hog Hunt.

Know SAD-ist’s Age And Birthday

SAD-ist has reached the age of 19 years in 2021.

She was born on the date of September 24, 2002.

What Is SAD-ist’s Real Name?

SAD-ist’s real name hasn’t been opened up yet.

About SAD-ist’s Instagram

SAD-ist has Instagram Id with more than 319K followers.

Her Instagram Id name is @sad_istfied.

Her Instagram bio explains, “I draw and try to make them move. I don’t accept DMs here.”

What Is SAD-ist’s Net Worth?

SAD-ist’s net worth is estimated to be around $68.1K-$408K.

She earned $1.29K in 7 days, $4.31K in 30 days, and $21.4K in 90 days from her skills.

About SAD-ist’s Parents

SAD-ist hasn’t revealed any details related to her parents.

She has kept her personal information up to herself.

Know SAD-ist’s Nationality

SAD-ist holds Filipino nationality.

Prior to vivifying for Minecraft YouTube, she made numerous movements dependent on the computer game Hollow Knight, including Escapism and RPG image, which have acquired a foothold in the Hollow Knight people group.

Who Is SAD-ist’s Boyfriend?

There is no information related to SAD-ist’s boyfriend.

HEr affairs news hasn’t been on paper yet.

More About SAD-ist

SAD-ist is likewise known for making speedpaints, activity, and animatics for the computer game Undertale, the melodic Hamilton, and a few different fandoms.

SAD-ist has been enlivening for around 7 years. Her #1 shadings are pink and green blends, for example, strawberries.

She used to vivify utilizing just her telephone and finger, yet had the option to buy an attractive tablet in August 2020.

Her first activity made with the tablet was The Fall.

As of now, she utilizes ToonBoom Harmony to quicken; notwithstanding, every last bit of her activities before Dream versus Technoblade were done in Flipaclip.

She had yearnings to work for Disney. Her #1 music kinds are J-pop and electro swing. Her main tune is “Kilmaa” covered by Miy-Yuu.

Her channel was checked on November 10, 2020. She graduated secondary school on July 16, 2021.