Hani Bio – Age, Height And Other Interesting Facts About The EXID Member

The world of K-pop music is populated by beautiful young stars that are making waves in the Korean entertainment industry. One such artist is Hani of EXID – the South Korean girl group that has a subgroup known as SoljiHani previously called Dasoni. Hani has been part of showbiz since 2012 as the face of the group as well as their lead vocalist. The Seoul native has since diversified into other areas like acting and also functions as a television personality.

Who Is Hani, What’s Her Age?

Ahn Hee-yeon as her birth name says is obviously a South Korean citizen born in Seoul on the 1st of May 1992. Very little is known about her parents but the records said that they are both graduates of Yonsei University, though their professions are not known. However, Ahn Hee-yeon whom they have nicknamed Hani from birth is their only child.

Not much info is available on the South Korean native’s early education, but it is common knowledge that she took an active part in triathlons during her days in elementary school. Upon graduating from primary school, the aspiring artist joined Jiri high school for further studies. Hani’s quest for academic qualifications did not end with high school, she proceeded to the Global Cyber University to study psychology but later forfeited her childhood dreams of ending up as a professional psychologist and decided to go into music.

Before Hani’s debut with the K-pop group EXID, she was initially preparing to make her debut under JYP Entertainment with one of their all-girl groups. The young singer was set to appear alongside other artists like Secret’s Song Ji-eun, Sistar’s Hyolyn, and Bestie’s Uji, however, the story turned sour after a year when Hani was cut off from the entertainment outfit. According to the vocalist, the company failed to see potentials in her, she later traveled to China for one year to get further academic qualifications.

Presently, the artist is not just an EXID member, but functions as the group’s lead vocalist as well as the face of EXID. Hani also has a finger in Dasoni – a sub-group under EXID. Even before she debuted with the group, Hani already appeared on the sets of a few variety shows such as A Style for You, Off to School, as well as Crime Scene. She equally functions as a TV personality, making appearances as the host of Weekly Idol.

Height and Other Interesting Facts


The bodyweight of the South Korean beauty is recorded as 50 kg and she stands at an average height of 168 cm. She wears a shoe size of 24.0 cm and loves to make the bob style hairdo.

Personal Life

According to the popular k-pop vocalist, she chooses to be single at the moment because of her belief that relationships take a lot of time and commitment. In her response to a question from an interview session with The Star Magazine, the singer stated that it is quite difficult to take care of herself at the moment, and thus, it won’t be convenient for her to factor in another person. Hani revealed that she gets enough companionship from her group members; however, the singer admitted to being in a romantic relationship with JYJ’s Junsu after they met in 2015.

Debut with EXID And Rise To Fame

The date for EXID’s official debut was on the 15th of February 2012 with their single called Whoz That Girl. Approximately a year later in February 2013, Hani collaborated with EXID member Heo Sol-ji to form the sub-group Dasoni with their debut single Goodbye coming on the 15th of the same month. The track Said So Often was also part of the single.

EXID’s single Up & Down came to light in August 2014, but the song initially performed poorly on the Gaon chart as it never made the list of top 100. But with time, the number slowly gained popularity during the latter part of November, thanks to a fan who shared videos of her performing the track. The video which went viral has recorded above 30 million views on YouTube.


Hani’s efforts in the world of k-pop music has not gone unnoticed as her group EXID has bagged a good number of awards. They include the 2016 Golden Disc Awards as well as Seoul Music Awards, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, and MelOn Music Awards both of which came in 2015.