GTBank SME Market Hub: What You Need to Know

Not long ago, GTBank Plc launched the SME Market Hub, which is an eCommerce Platform. The platform is prepared to enable people to buy and sell various services and products and all Nigerians can access it free of charges.  If you look at it properly, you will agree that this is a wonderful idea.

According to the research developer at Yeah Local, this opens the internet to many small businesses and makes it possible for them to advertise their products and services even if they do not have the money required to set up a professional eCommerce website. Setting up such eCommerce website can be expensive, but the expense is already taken away by the SME Market Hub from GTBank Plc.

With this development, small-scale retail stores located in any part of Nigeria can now advertise their products and services online free of charges.

What GTBank Plc SME Market Hub represents

Simply put, the SME Market Hub is more or less a website. A small scale business can easily create a fully hosted website as online store for its business. Such retail stores can easily add various products on sale on the website and also receive payment from anyone that buys the product directly online.

The website owner will also be able to customize the website and the way it appears. There are also several features you can include to help improve on the look and appearance of the website. You can choose from various designs provided on the website and there is also the DIY guide provided to make the process very easy for you.

Reasons to give it a try

Some of the reasons why the GTBank Plc SME Market Hub is good for you are highlighted below:

  • It is completely free and you will never have to pay anything whatsoever for it. Do you plan to launch an eCommerce website? Do not spend money to do that. Rather, give the GTBank SME Hub a try and you will never regret it. You can save the money intended for building eCommerce website for other things.
  • The website also comes with payment gateway via which your clients can make purchase directly on the website and make payment for the things they have bought. The payment methods include VISA, eTransact, Verve, Interswitch and MasterCard. It therefore supports any payment method you want.
  • The process is so simple that you can get it done by yourself without the help of any programmer or website designer. In fact, you do not need to have any experience in website design to set up the SME Hub. The process is also very fast. You can get it done within minutes, even if you are a complete newbie in web design and programming or if you have never had any experience with programming before.
  • The back-end is very simple in appearance and easy to use. It is clean and easy straightforward.