Grace Tame Comedy Festival: What Did Grace Tame Say About Scott Morrison?

Grace Tame’s comedic debut has been used to ruthlessly criticise Scott Morrison, comparing him to a “huge self-saucing comedy pudding.”

On April 10 Sunday night, the advocate for sexual assault survivors hit the stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at Forum Melbourne. Tame was a guest on the panel for comedians Dan Ilic and Lewis Hobba’s popular comedic news show ‘A Rational Fear.’

Tame didn’t hold back when it came to roasting the Prime Minister, even admitting she had doubts about participating in the comedy event.

She went on to say that the Prime Minister “grabs the ukulele all by himself,” a reference to his performance in a recent 60 Minutes interview, which was widely criticised online.

Tame had some harsh words for NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham, whom she insulted with jokes about an air fryer.

She compared Mr Latham to a ‘basket case inside a pressure cooker with no filter,’ and claimed she lived rent-free in his head.