Gill Bennett: Who Is Nick Faldo’s Second Wife?

Gill Bennett is best known as the beautiful, adorable, and caring second wife of Nick Faldo.At that time, their relationship was very strong and many believed they could maintain it till death separated them. However, that was not the case.

In 1986, Faldo wed Bennett, and the two went on to have three kids: Natalie, Matthew, and Georgia. Bennett remained at home in England when Faldo relocated to the United States in 1995 to play on the PGA Tour full-time. Later that year, the marriage collapsed as Faldo started seeing Brenna Cepelak, a 20-year-old American golf student.

Faldo started dating Brenna Cepelak, a 20-year-old American golf student. Gill Bennett later admitted that the three children’s births were forced in order to prevent any conflicts with Faldo’s playing schedule. “Socially, he was a 24-handicapper,” she added of Faldo.