Gareth Pursehouse Trial Verdict: Who Is Amie Harwick Murderer? Birthday Revealed


Gareth Pursehouse has denied the murder of his ex-girlfriend Amie since the first day. Is he the Amie Harwick murderer? Discover more facts on Gareth Pursehouse’s verdict in this article. 

Gareth Pursehouse is allegedly the murderer of celebrity sex therapist Amie Harwick. In particular, Gareth is the ex-boyfriend of Amie Hawick, where they were in a romantic relationship for some time many years ago. On the other hand, Gareth was so obsessed with Amie that he often troubled her even after their breakup.

Amie got killed on February 15, 2020, in the Hollywood Hills. In particular, she got strangled before she got thrown off the balcony of her third-floor apartment. Further, Amie’s Prosecutor alleged that Gareth Pursehouse was the one who killed his ex-girlfriend. However, Gareth has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Amie.

Gareth Pursehouse Verdict: Amie Harwick Murderer

Gareth Pursehouse will face his first court hearing this year, where if he is found guilty of his homicide, he might have the death penalty. Meanwhile, many people have been looking for a tight verdict in this case at the current date.

However, the jury has not declared Gareth Pursehouse, murderer of Amie Harwick at the current time. On the other hand, if the jury finds him guilty, he will be charged with murder and residential burglary at the same time.

How Old Is Gareth Pursehouse? Age Explored

Gareth Pursehouse is a professional photographer who has been obsessed with Amie Harwick for more than ten years since 2006. Moving to Gareth’s age, it seems he has reached the age of 43 at the current date, looking at his physical attribute.

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However, his exact date of birth is still missing from the internet at the present moment. Some people claim that Pursehouse has abusive and threatening behavior, which he had shown to Amie a month before her death in January 2020.

Gareth Pursehouse Trial Update

Gareth Pursehouse got arrested on February 16, 2020, when police suspected him of the murder of Amie. On the other hand, the investigation team had found a syringe of nicotine in the crime scene, which could be the cause of death. Many people have been following the Gareth Pursehouse trial since the first day.

Further, Amie’s prosecutor has claimed that Gareth strangled Amie and threw her body from the balcony of Amie’s third-floor apartment in the Hollywood Hillis. However, Gareth has denied the allegation against him for murdering his ex-girlfriend.