Frank Gorshin – Biography, Age, Height, Family, Death of Character Actor

Frank Gorshin was a prolific American film star, character actor, comedian, and impressionist best known for appearing in thriller films such as Batman, 12 Monkeys, Blood Moon, and Dreamweaver, to name a few. The legendary actor started his professional career in 1955, which spanned 6 decades before he quit the ghost in May 2005.

Before starting his acting career,Frank Gorshin served in the US Army from 1953 to 1955. Shortly after leaving the army, he launched his acting career and gained widespread fame for his comic book skills. He was also a married man and an enthusiastic father of one. Although it has been many years since this thespian passed away, his legacy has remained in the hearts of his many fans.

Frank Gorshin Bio (Age)

The Impressionist was born Frank Gorshin Jr. on April 5, 1933. Frank was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was the son of Frank Gorshin Sr. and his wife Frances. He is of American nationality and was of mixed racial background. He spent his early years in Pittsburgh with his two siblings – a brother and a sister.

Growing up, Frank was an exceptionally gifted boy, and he had the ability to imitate several characters he sees on television. While in high school, he got his first job as an attendant at the Sheridan Square Theatre. He graduated from Peabody High School and attended Carnegie Tech School of Drama in Pittsburgh.

Movies and TV Shows

Soon after graduating, Frank was drafted into the US Army and was deployed to Germany. During his military service, he worked as an entertainer for Special Services. There he also met Maurice Bergman, who later introduced him to a Hollywood agent named Paul Kohner.

After leaving the army, Frank Gorshin joined Hollywood and made his film debut in 1956. From 1956 to 1990 he acted in a number of films. Some of his notable performances were: Hot Rod Girl, The True Story of Jesse James, and Tank Battalion. Others include Warlocks, The Great Imposter, Batman, Underground Aces, Hollywood Vice Squad, and Midnight, among others.

From the early 90’s to the early 2000’s, the actor also starred in numerous films including Blood Moon, Man of the Century, Castlerock, and The Creatures of Sunny Side Up Trailer Park, etc.

Aside from films, the comics star has also starred in a handful of television shows over his six-decade career. Highlights of his popular TV shows include Love Story at Harvard, A Masterpiece of Murder, Goliath Awaits, SWAT, and Hollywood Seats. His final film role came in the 2006 film, Dreamweaver, where he portrayed the role of Mr. Rem .

His family

Frank was born into an American family and raised in a core Catholic home. His father, Frank Gorshin Sr., was a railroad worker and his mother, Frances, a dressmaker. He grew up in Pittsburgh with her brother Herman and a sister named Dottie Roland. Unfortunately, his brother died after being hit by a car when he was 15. Herman’s death had a major impact on the family.

The talented impressionist also had a wonderfulfamily of his own. He married a woman named Christina Randazzo on April 8, 1957 and they had a son named Mitchell Gorshin. Although not much is known about his wife and son, Frank and his significant other dated for a number of years before finally separating. Despite their separation, they remained married and did not divorce until his death in 2005.

Frank Gorshin’s height

Frank was a big man; he stood at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m). Just as his body weight is not known at the time of his death, no information about his other body measurements is available. However, the actor had a male build, black hair and brown eyes.

Death of character actor

Frank Gorshin lived a full life and his career spanned almost six decades. On April 25, 2005, after appearing in Memphis, he played George Burns in the theater production of Say Goodnight, Gracie, Frank boarding a flight back to Los Angeles. During the flight, the actor had difficulty breathing and was given emergency oxygen by the crew.

When he arrived in Los Angeles, he was already taken to Burbank Hospital, where he remained until his death on May 17, 2005. The cause of death was given as lung cancer with pulmonary emphysema and complications of pneumonia. After his death, he was buried in Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Pittsburgh.