Has Rob Holding Had A Hair Transplant? Before And After Photos

Rob Holding has had a hair transplant as assumed by many of his fans after seeing changes in his photos.

And, yes, that’ true; the athlete really had undergone a hair transplant procedure.

In a video where he shared about mental health and overcoming obstacles and all, posted on July 31, we could see his head with no hair unlike now. He was also labeled by a few as balding Rob.  

Holding’s appearance has taken a complete turn when compared to his bald head previously and some online users even stated that he looked 10 years older during his no-hair days.

His hair growth and hairline could easily be noticed and it seems his hair began increasing in length since this September. Well, his before and after photos could be seen in the virtual platform where his shaved or bald head and a head full of hair could be easily noticed.

As shared by Rob to the London World, he has suffered from mental health struggles, with hair loss issues. Because of his hair fall or loss, even his self-confidence was negatively affected.

Rob Holding Wife & Married Life

Rob Holding’s girlfriend and his future wife’s name is Paige Almendariz.

Professionally, his beau is engaged as an athlete and a model. To be specific, she plays as a footballer at Sporting Club Braga and is a talented ballet dancer.

It is found that the lovebirds had broken up for a short period of time and got reunited back again later as noted in The Sun.

Where Is Rob Holding Now?

Rob Holding is probably preparing for his game now.

The Arsenal athlete resides in London, England at present. 

What Is Rob Holding Net Worth?

According to Transfermarkt, Rob Holding’s current market value is estimated at 12 million pounds and, thus, is millions in worth.