Fe del Mundo – Biography, Age, Parents, Family, Other Facts

Many women from different walks of life have proudly written their names in the history books and you can count Fe del Mundo among them. On November 27, 2018, Google Doddle, as was the case with the latest global figures, would have paid tribute to him. Originally from the Philippines, Fe del Mundo stood out in the field of medicine as a pediatrician.

She is widely regarded as the leader within and beyond the Philippine medical community, through her contributions to the field of pediatric medical care, which spans decades. His many contributions have included establishing the first children’s hospital in the Philippines, important research findings, designing an economic incubator, and providing free medical care to legions of children during the Japanese invasion of his country. country. In addition to this posthumous Google Doddle, Mundo has been officially honored by the Philippine government with several prestigious awards.

Biography and age of Fe del Mundo

Fe del Mundo was born on November 27, 1911 in Manila, capital of the Philippines, to Paz del Mundo and her husband, Bernardo del Mundo. She grew up in Manila with her siblings, some of whom died when they were still very young.

Del Mundo was admitted to study medicine at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine in 1926. After seven years of study at the college, she graduated from medical school with remarkable results. A high performer, she quickly passed the medical committee examination and obtained the third highest score among this year’s candidates. After witnessing the plight of children’s health in the provinces of the Philippines, she made the decision to practice pediatric medicine.

Impressed by his outstanding academic achievement, the country’s president offered Fe del Mundo a full scholarship to continue his studies in the United States. She quickly seized the opportunity and embarked on a journey that allowed her to successfully complete a fellowship at Harvard Medical School and earn a postgraduate degree in bacteriology from Boston University School of Medicine before returning to her home. country of origin in 1941.

When Fe del Mundo arrived from the United States, his country had been invaded by Japan and many of its inhabitants had been sent to internment camps. One of these camps was located on the campus of the University of Santos Tomas. Mundo has set up a temporary hospice to care for children in the Santo Tomas camp. The invaders shut down the hospice and she soon began running a children’s hospital at the behest of the mayor of Manila. The hospital would eventually become a general hospital, with Mundo remaining in charge until the late forties.

Fe del Mundo spent most of the 1950s as a lecturer in the medical schools of some universities in the Philippines and before the end of the decade, she managed to obtain the necessary funding to establish the largest pediatric hospital in the country, the children’s medical center.

She died in August 2011 after cardiac arrest. She was 99 years old.

Parents and family of Fe del Mundo

Fe del Mundo’s father, Bernardo del Mundo, was a successful law practitioner. Bernardo del Mundo was also a politician who at some point in his career won a seat in the parliament of the Philippines. His mother, Paz del Mundo died around the time Mundo was 14 years old.

Del Mundo’s sister, who died at the age of 11, was the first inspiration that fueled her desire to enter the medical field, her sister’s dream of growing up and pursuing a career. in medicine enabling him to reduce the widespread suffering and poor health conditions of the oppressed Philippine society at the time. After his sister’s death, Fe del Mundo made that dream a reality by forcing a new career in medicine, which has become one of the most admired in the history of the Philippines and the world.

Mundo never married or had any children of her own. However, despite her busy schedule, she found time to spend with her nephews and nieces as she loved them dearly. Dr. Jade Del Mundo, one of his nephews, once worked as an undersecretary in the Department of Health in the United States government.

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Other Pediatrician Facts

• Fe del Mundo created Asia’s first institute focused on maternal and child health.

• She transferred ownership of the children’s hospital she founded to the board.

• She mentioned that she was happy never to get married, which could have stifled her personal career ambitions.

• Mundo was a strong advocate for the widespread use of birth control and family planning methods.

• She was the creator of a bamboo-based incubator for communities without electricity.