Fans Wonder If Owen Conflenti Is Leaving KPRC After His Repeated Disapperance From The Network

No official announcements by Owen Conflenti have been made about the Morning News anchor leaving KPRC; by the looks of it, the anchor has no plans to retire from his job at the station.

Conflenti is a news anchor, journalist, and content creator currently working at KPRC, hosting two and a half hours of live daily news covering breaking news and special projects.

Is Owen Conflenti Leaving KPRC?

Based on his latest posts and tweets, it does not look like Owen Conflenti has any plans of leaving KPRC anytime soon and retiring from his job as a Morning News anchor.

There have been no announcements on the journalist’s part relating to him quitting his job at the station, and the station has not issued any news about the dismissal of the anchor either.

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Owen has worked as a news anchor for the past 17 years since August of 2005 and became a household name to most of his audience, so it is doubtful for him to quit now.

Before working as a news anchor for KPRC, he worked as a reporter for WNCT-TV9 and Sky Radio in the 2000s. Conflenti has also worked as a voiceover artist and a freelance videographer at Drone Operator.

Where Is The KPRC News Anchor Today?

The Houston-based journalist Owen Conflenti is famous on other platforms other than being a news anchor on Television. He has debuted in the world of TikTok, garnering over 1.1 million followers.

Going by the username @conflenti on TikTok, Owen posts comedy skit videos on the video-sharing app and has become popular among the younger generation.

He has earned himself a name with his appearance on Television for the past 17 years, and now he has made himself the approval of the internet netizens as well with his online persona of being a funny personality.

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His official Instagram page has also garnered a total of 5062 followers with 523 posts, with him posting pictures and videos of him from the news along with some funny videos.

Owen Conflenti’s Wife & Family Details

The KPRC journalist is married to his wife, Odilia Conflenti, and they were married on April 21. Owen’s wife is from a Hispanic background, and the couple has three children; two daughters and one son.

Conflenti’s wife does not refrain from flaunting her dashing and talented husband on her social media as she posted a picture of the couple on their anniversary, writing,

“Out of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum . #happyanniversary #thebestisyettocome.”

The couple also posts many pictures of their kids on their personal accounts on social media, and they look like a happy family in all of their social media posts.