Emma Donovan is closely related to the Indigenous Australian musician Casey Donovan. The two are cousins and have sung together on stage. 

Casey’s father, Merv Donovan, is part of The Donovans’ famous Indigenous band. 

Emma has sung with a handful of Indigenous Australian musicians, including Archie Roach, Jimmy Little, Frank Yamma, and many more. 

She has two brothers. However, their name is not known. 

Who Is The Husband Of Emma Donovan? Insight Into Her Family 

Emma Donovan has a partner though it’s not quite sure if he is her husband. However, his name is not known. Together, they gave birth to two beautiful girls, Jirriga and Kwilana.

Donovan was born in Liverpool, a Sydney suburb, to Neville Councillor and Agnes Donovan. Her father is of Naaguja and Yamatji ancestry, and her mother is a Gumbaynggirr/Danggali woman.

Emma was three months pregnant with her second daughter Kwilana when her mother died from cancer. Growing up, Emma’s family moved around quite a lot. 

Way before Emma was born, her grandparents, Micko and Aileen Donovan, formed the famous Aboriginal country band The Donovans. The band included Micko, Aileen, and their five sons and daughter. Emma joined the family band when she was seven. 

Emma’s uncles still perform the Donovan Brothers band. 

What Is Emma Donovan Net Worth? Where Is She Now?

Although the net worth of Emma Donovan is not known, it is not something to brag about. 

Emma should not have had to worry about money with over two decades of experience as an experienced performer. She has released multiple albums as a solo artist, but she was never careful with her earnings.

She lived like a gypsy, traveling all over the place not worrying about saving, and now is regretful about her actions. 

Donovan has had to work various part-time jobs, including cleaning, to make ends meet. She is now a learning support worker at a West Sydney school, where she gives Koori girls, in particular, the confidence to sing and raise their voices. 

She is also raising her two daughters, aged six and four, in Western Sydney. 

She is on Instagram under the username @emmadonovan_music with over 8.3K followers.