Face Reveal: Is Stonetoss A Black Woman In Real Life? Gender, Photos More To Know

Stonetoss is an American political cartoonist who hasn’t revealed her face, but fans wonder if she is a black woman or not. Keep reading the article to learn more about him.

StoneToss is an American political cartoonist whose comics are noted for their exceptional drawings of humans, where they all have flat circle-shaped heads and the notes that are associated with the alt-right.

The identity of the well-known cartoonist is unfamiliar, but some speculate that he is the same person who is behind the Red Panel cartoons due to their resemblances. Furthermore, his first comic was uploaded to the StoneToss titled The Swirl on July 18, 2017.

The respective comic featured a burger with an American flag, tacos with a Mexican flag and sushi with a Japanese flag, heeded by a portrait of a man sitting on a toilet and a lump of waste with all three flags.

Face Reveal: Is Stonetoss A Black Woman In Real Life?

Stonetoss has not revealed his face yet, but some people on the internet think that he is a black woman. However, none of the media sources have confirmed the identity of Stonetoss at the moment.

Not only that, but he has not shared anything regarding his name or identity. Due to this reason, we are also unable to put the fact. While he has not revealed his real name, his authorized site says that you may name him “Stone” or “Stonetoss.”

Furthermore, we are trying to get more information regarding Stonetoss and will update you soon with more information.

Stonetoss Age and Wiki-Bio

The current age of Stonetoss’ is missing from internet sources. As mentioned earlier, Stonetoss has not revealed anything regarding his personal life or identity, making it more challenging to know about his early life.

However, we can say that he was born in the United States of America as he holds an American nationality. In an interview, he admitted that under different monikers, he had gained significant followings.

Despite being one of the most noted personalities, Stonetoss has not received a place on the Wikipedia page. Furthermore, he has been described as a White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi publication.

Moreover, he has also accepted attention for its promotion of Bitcoin. We can visit various verified sites to explore his career and controversies.

Stonetoss Gender and Photos Revealed

Collecting all data from the internet, we can say that, Stonetoss’ gender is male. None of the media sources have said, Stonetoss is female. Furthermore, we can find his art photos on various social media platforms.

Also, we can find Stonetoss on Instagram as @stonetoss, where he has gained more than 107k followers.