Everything We Know About Rocio Durcal’s Daughter, Shaila Dúrcal

The late singer Rocio Durcal’s daughter Shaila Dúrcal, a Spanish singer, dedicated an album to her mother which garnered a significant appraisal. 

Although the Spanish singer Rocio Durcal isn’t among us presently, we can see her perform through her a little look-alike daughter’s voice.

She was remarkably successful in Mexico. In fact, the celebrated singer earned the sobriquet of Reina de las Rancheras (“Queen of Rancheras”).

Not to mention, she is also a recipient of the Latin Grammy Award for musical excellence.  Regardless of her absence, she is celebrated to date.

Who Is Rocio Durcal Daughter Shaila Dúrcal? Her Husband

Rocio Durcal shared her daughter Shaila Dúrcal with her husband Antonio Morales Barretto better known by his stage name Junior.

In fact, all of them are professional singers. Her daughter Shaila is also a well-acknowledged Spanish singer and songwriter.

The 42-year-old Spanish singer Shaila made her musical debut at the age of 12  reportedly on TVE singing for Nikka Costa.

Shaila even toured extensively with her mother reportedly as a backup singer throughout Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

In fact, she had studied singing under the tutelage of Robert Jeantal prior to going on tours with her mother stated her biography.

She was approached by several major record labels for recording a series of demos while the singer was continuing her studies in Miami.

Later, she signed to BMG after moving to Mexico in 2004. Her second album was a tribute to her mother which gained a lot of appreciation.

In fact, the album dedicated to her mother went straight to number 1 in Spain, going platinum in its 2nd week after selling over 80,000 singles.

Speaking of the late singer’s husband Antonio aka Junior, he was reportedly born in the Philippines to a Spanish father and a Filipino mother.

The late couples shared three children; their firstborn Carmen is an actress whereas their secondborn is son Antonio Morales de las Heras.

Correspondingly, singer Shaila Morales de las Heras is the youngest child of the couple born on the 28th of August 1979 in Madrid, Spain.

Explore Rocio Durca’s Death Cause: How Did She Die?

The coveted singer Rocio Durcal’s death cause is unveiled as her diagnosis with uterine cancer. She died on March 25, 2006, at 61 years.

She was diagnosed with cancer five years prior to her death. However, she succumbed to death at her home in Torrelodones, Madrid.

After being cremated a portion of her ashes was scattered in Spain where years later a portion of the ashes from her husband were also deposited next to her.

Meet Rocio Durcal’s Daughter Shaila Dúrcal On Instagram

Rocio Durcal’s daughter Shaila Dúrcal is within easy reach on Instagram. She has already been verified on the platform under the category of artist.

Her official verified account has accumulated over 224k adherents so far. Now and then she uploads a picture with a eulogy dedicated to her mom.