Everything About DJ Melzi Net Worth and His Girlfriend Andiswa Selepe

DJ Melzi has a net worth of around $500,000. He is yet to reach the musical top and earn millions.

Melzi is the up-and-coming star DJ who has shown his magic like wildfire. Melzi is listed as one of the in-demand DJs of this generation, alongside top names like Kaytranada, Zedd, Alok, and more. Melzi has made a spot in the audience’s hearts with his funky beats and remixing skills.

Quick Facts about DJ Melzi

Full Name Tumelo Mephai
Stage Name DJ Melzi
Birthplace South Africa
Birthdate July, 2001
Age 21 years old
Girlfriend Andiswa Sleep
Profession DJ, Record Producer

Tumelo Mphai, professionally known as DJ Melzi, has brought a wave of new-age beats to the world and is ruling all over with his fantastic sound selections. At just 21, he has conquered people’s hearts, making them crazy over his beats.

Melzi has achieved much as a professional DJ at this tender age as he is the founder of Melzi Hermosa and Melzi Events. To top it all, talking about the profession, Melzi is also a record producer. Melzi hails from South Africa and adds a bit of South African taste to his beats, making them more catchy and attractive.

Melzi has progressed very well and has achieved all this success from his hard work and consistency in making good music for his audience.

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What Is DJ Melzi’s Net Worth?

DJ Melzi earned a net worth of around $500,000 and huge fame from his music career.

Melzi started his career young and has not seen back. The 21-year-old has a great passion for music. His profession as a DJ has brought him this far in the lap of success. Melzi’s successful musical career has helped him earn thousands of dollars at this young age.

Although Melzi himself has not verified his total net worth, according to thecityceleb, he has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

The primary sources of his income and the major contributors to his net worth are his professions as DJ and Record Producer. On the other hand, side businesses like Melzi Events and Melzi Hermosa also contribute.

Melzi has pretty good earnings at the age of 21 and will earn more than this, looking at the massive popularity he can gain these days. His audience is also too supportive and will keep being there for him until the end. Melzi has achieved much net worth for himself, and with the same passion for music, he can surely bring magic and spread his craze to people in the same way possible.

DJ Melzi’s Girlfriend Andiswa Selepe

DJ Melzi flaunts his girlfriend, Andiswa Selepe, in front of the public.

The 21-year-old South African DJ and record producer has always been vocal about his girlfriend; they are often seen together. Although Melzi is 21 years old, his girlfriend Andiswa is around 18 years old. Andiswa is the actual name of Melzi’s girlfriend, whereas she goes with Thebombrsa as her name.

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According to their social media life, they seem to live together in a luxury house with expensive cars, mansions, and endless shopping sprees. People also assume that the couple is engaged, which is why they are in a live-in relationship.

Melzi expresses her love for his girlfriend by showering her with gifts and throwing parties for her often. Melzi has also stated that Andiswa is very supportive when it comes to him and his career.

DJ Melzi’s Career As A Musical Artist

DJ Melzi is one heck of a musical artist who beholds the power of making everyone groove on his beats.

Melzi is a South African DJ who has rocked this generation with his superb skills and powerful bass. Melzi did not become a star overnight, the passion for music was there in him from his childhood days. Melzi started his musical journey at a very young age of 6 which helped him make his career in music.

Melzi has always driven himself to be a successful musician or do something in the musical field. All the hard work he did during his childhood has paid off now.

Some FAQs

What is the real name of DJ Melzi?

DJ Melzi’s real name is Tumelo Mphai.

What is DJ Melzi’s age?

DJ Melzi is 21 years old.

Who is DJ Melzi’s girlfriend?

DJ Melzi’s girlfriend is Andiswa Selepe

Where is DJ Melzi from?

DJ Melzi is from South Africa