Emmy Medders, Chase Chrisley Girlfriend- 5 Facts To Know

Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend, Emma Medders, is a professional spray tan artist.

Chase Chrisley is an American businessperson and reality TV star recognized for the show Chrisley Knows Best.

The show is about the multi-millionaire Chrisley family from the United States who have everything money can buy at the tip of their finger. But despite great wealth, the members go through various family issues and drama. It is a long-running program, and Chase has been a part of the series since the beginning.

Son of the multi-millionaire real estate developer father, Todd Chrisley, Chase has enjoyed fame for several years and is one of the most beloved members of the family. Many people are familiar with his story and regularly follow the man and his journey.

Along with excellent management skills in life and business, the people also adore the young man for how much he cares for his loved ones. Besides his family and friends, Emma Medders has been in his life for a couple of years, and the two are jubilant in love.

In this article, we look at five facts about the lady who has increased Chase’s heartbeat with excitement and love for a few years.

Quick Facts About Emmy Medders

Age 23
Net Worth $200,000
Boyfriend Chase Chrisley
Parents Michael Medders, Leigh Medders
Birthplace Columbus, United States
Instagram @emmymedders

Emmy Medders: Meet Chase Chrisley’s Girlfriend

Chase Chrisley and his girlfriend Emmy Medders have known each other for a long time. They officially confirmed the relationship in 2020.

TVOM reveals that they were friends for a long time before they decided to step up things and become a loving couple. While they might have kept things secret for some time, the couple eventually became public in 2020.

Since then, Emmy and Chase have gone through various ups and downs, even a brief split in 2021, reports US Magazine. However, they got back together and are living a triumphant life in the romantically fulfilling roles.

Recently, the news of Chase warning his partner out of his house has come forward, but that is not related to separation, as the man wants his lady to go out and become successful in her career.

While they have been together for a long time, the couple is yet to tie the knot. Recently, fans sparked the talks that Chase had put a ring on Emmy’s finger, hinting at their engagement as the lady flashed a shining ring on her finger.

Emmy Medders’ Weight Loss

Fans suspect that Emmy Medders has undergone weight loss surgery as she looks slimmer.

People started noticing her more petite physique in recent pictures as the lady shares glimpses of her well-maintained body on Instagram. Cross-checking her recent photos with the earlier ones, it does appear that the woman has lost significant pounds.

However, she has not spoken about it officially with the outsiders, and no official reports of her weight loss can be found.

Is Emmy Medders Pregnant?

Emmy Medders is yet to reveal good news but fans are convinced that she is pregnant.

The talks of Emmy Medders’s pregnancy began after the lady shared pictures of her doctor’s appointment on Instagram.

She shared photos of her and Chase during a doctor visit and captioned the post with “big news.” Since the couple looked happy in the images and the post caption also hinted at happy news, many fans thought the lady was about to reveal her pregnancy news.

However, the lady has not shared any further details about this matter since then, and no information about her expected childbirth is available on the internet. Hence, in the absence of an official announcement, we believe that Emmy is not pregnant.

But the fans think otherwise, as many of them have raided the duo’s Instagram comment sections congratulating them on their pregnancy.

She Has A Net Worth Of $200,000

Emmy Medders is a corporate employee with a net worth of around $200,000, as reported by Media Referee.

Medders has worked at Jensen Strategic Partners LLC as a personal assistant. It seems like her work in the corporate field was in the past, as Emmy is now working as a mobile spray tan artist. But since it is not a professional field in the commercial world, Chase wants his girlfriend to achieve something in the world and become successful.

Based on her career journey, several sources expect her to have decent wealth even though the official verification remains missing. On the other hand, her boyfriend, Chase, has a net worth of $500,000, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Emmy Is One Year Older Than Chase

Emmy Medders’ actual age is 27, while her boyfriend, Chase, is 26 years old.

Emmy was born in 1995, and she celebrates her birthday on October 31. On October 31, 2021, she shared a picture with her birthday cake and used the hashtag 27, indicating her current age. Since October 2022 is yet to come, she is still 27 years old.

On the other hand, Chase is 26 years old, born on June 1, 1996. Hence, the age gap between the renowned couple is around one year, with Emmy being the elder. Despite a few-month age gap between the two, they are pretty happy in their love life and are living a good union.

Some FAQs

Is Emmy Medders Pregnant?

No, Emmy Medders is not pregnant despite the pregnancy talks on the internet.

Are Chase Chrisley And Emmy Medders Married?

Chase Chrisley and his girlfriend, Emmy Medders, are not married despite being together in a relationship since 2020.

How Old Is Emmy Medders?

Born in 1995, Emmy Medders is 27 years old.