Emma Meisel And Matt Sato Relationship Timeline 2023

Emma Meisel and Matt Sato relationship in real life have beautiful moments. Emma and her boyfriend adore and praise one another work.

They are romancing offscreen as well as onscreen on the Disney+ show ‘Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.’ Spending a lot of time together on set has helped in strengthening their bond.

Meisel commenced her acting career by appearing on an episode of the TV series ‘Knight Squad’ in 2018. She is predominantly known for her work in ‘American Horror Story’, and ‘The Dead Girls Detective Agency’.

Similarly, Matthew a.k.a Matt entered showbiz in 2015 by being a part of the show named ‘Hawaii Five-0’. Moving forward, he played in films and series like ‘Deadly Cheer Mom’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Chicken Girls,’ and ‘Side Hustle’.

Moreover, Sato has tried his hands at singing as well. He debuted in the music scene with his single ‘I Know’. Presently, both of them are busy with their teen, comedy medical drama ‘Doogie Kamealoha’.

Emma Meisel And Matt Sato Dating Timeline

Emma Meisel and Matt Sato have been dating since 2021. Emma and Matt regularly share their adorable pictures giving couple goals.

August 2021: The Pair Went to Sequoia National Park

On the 11th of August, Meisel shared pictures from their visit to Sequoia National Park located in Sierra Nevada east of Visalia, California. She captioned, “The wilderness must be explored!!!!”

Meanwhile, Sato commented by asking her if Yosemite was their next destination. Among the four pictures she uploaded, the second and third features Matt.

They donned matching T-shirts and blue caps for their visit to the park. The lovebirds can be seen taking pleasure amongst the lanky trees and vast mountains with a bird’s eye view.

November 2021: Trip to Royal Arch Chautauqua Park

After 3 months, Meisel and Sato traveled to Royal Arch Chautauqua Park popularly known for The Royal Arch trail, a hiking spot.

Emma took to Instagram and shared the photo with a flexed biceps emoji, indicating how they accomplished the strenuous hike. Even Matt commented with the same emoticon along with the love eyes.

2022: Emma and Matt Posted Pictures from the Filming Location of their Show

The young actors spend most of their time in Honolulu, Hawaii, where most of the scenes of their drama ‘Doogie Kamealoha’was filmed. So, they often post cute pics of them captured on the set.

In January, Meisel uploaded an aesthetic photograph of them from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. She wrote, “straight outta the ’70s”. The lovely pair can be seen sitting on a surfing board amid the beach.

February 2023: Matt gave Emma a Piggyback Ride

Just after Valentine’s Day on the 15th of February, Emma noted, “I’m never walking again!” and posted an endearing picture of Matt giving her a piggyback ride on a smooth road, surrounded by greenery.

Matt replied, “We’re getting you an electric scooter!” Although they flaunt their love through pictures, they have not officially announced that they are dating.

Emma Meisel And Matt Sato Age

Emma Meisel and Matt Sato age are 26 years and 21 years respectively. Emma is 5 years older than her beau Matt.

Their age gap is not visible in any of their pictures or onscreen in the show ‘Doogie Kamealoha.’ There appears to be no age-related hindrance in their loving relationship.

Matt was born on 19 April 2001 to his parents in Mililani, Hawaii. His family has mixed ethnicity as his family belongs to Asian, Caucasian, and Hawaiian heritage.

Emma was born on 18 February 1997 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are Tisa Meisel and Chuck Meisel.

The astrological sign of Emma is Aquarius whereas Matt was born under the star sign Aries. On her 25th birthday, Emma’s boyfriend shared a picture of hers caressing a horse and wrote, “Birthday Girl” with a heart emoji.

Doogie Kamealoha Emma Meisel And Matt Sato

Doogie Kamealoha Emma Meisel and Matt Sato play Steph Denisco and Kai Kameāloha in the medical drama. Emma and Matt played key roles in the first and second seasons.

Doogie Kamealoha is a Disney+ show created by Kourtney Kang. It is based on the 90s show ‘Doogie Howser, M.D.’ starring Neil Patrick Harris.

Season 1 of Doogie Kamealoha with 10 episodes premiered in September 2021. After its success, the series’ second installment aired recently on the 31st of March, 2023.

Emma Meisel Play As Steph Denisco

Emma portrays the role of the protagonist’s best friend, Steph Denisco. The show’s main character is Lahela “Doogie” Kameāloha, who graduates as a doctor at age of 16 and works at a hospital.

Unlike Lahela, Steph is a high school student. Though they may be on different paths in their life, their bonding is great.

Perhaps, because they have been best friends since childhood, they know how the other person works and perfectly balance each other’s unique personalities.

Denisco has a fun, goofy, bold, and vibrant persona that is quite visible in how she dresses and the jewelry she adorns. Emma has beautifully portrayed this role which is quite different than her in real life.

Matt Sato Play As Kai Kamealoha

Matt depicts the role of Kai Kamealoha, a super chill but extremely good-looking guy, good at surfing. Kamealoha is the older brother of Doogie and the carefree heartthrob of his locality.

Sato could relate to his reel character because, like Kai, he also grew up in Hawaii. Kamealoha attends Liliuokalani High School along with Steph, who is infatuated with him.

Even Kai is smitten by the beautiful Denisco, but he is too chicken-hearted to express his feeling. Moreover, Steph confessed her romantic feelings toward Kai to Lahela.

Eventually, they end up kissing in the first season of the show. Nevertheless, they still have some trouble articulating their feelings for one another.