Education Activist Cynthia Garrett Wikipedia & Bio, New Miniseries Takes A Deeper Look Into Her Life

Famous education activist Cynthia Garrett has not yet been indexed on the official Wikipedia bio page. Find more about her career and family life.

Cynthia is a 58 years old activist from the San Francisco area and a graduate of the University of Oxford.

he has been well received for her honest opinion and comments on the major ongoing issues.

People and readers admire her firm and bold approach and presentation when it comes to advocating against serious and heinous crimes.

She has always raised her voice against discrimination, racism, abuse, and sexual misconduct and this can be seen in all of her recent Twitter posts as well.

Cynthia identifies as a TV host, producer, and author.

The cherished media personality operated from London to Los Angeles as per her Twitter bio section.

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Explore Education Activist Cynthia Garrett’s Wikipedia & Bio

The well-adored and celebrated education activist Cynthia Garrett doesn’t have her official Wikipedia bio page but her works and services to social upliftment have been well accredited.

Cynthia Garrett is known for her comments regarding the political run and educational reforms.

She was born on February 16, 1964, and is currently 58 years of age.

She was born to her mother Linda Guillemette Garrett and her father Bernard Garrett Sr in the San Francisco region.

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Growing up, she was raised at Westlake Village alongside her other siblings viz. Christopher, D Antonio, Steven, Britton, and Sheila.

She also attended USC School of Law and then was based around the London region.

Her famous works are “A Prodigal Daughter: A Journey Home To Identity” and “I Choose Victory: Moving From Victim To Victor”.

She is also on YouTube as “Cynthia Garrett Ministries”.

Does Cynthia Garrett Have A Husband? Is She Married?

Cynthia Garrett has been married to her husband Roger Charles following her divorce from her former husband when she was in Italy.

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According to Wiki., she suffered from an abusive relationship with her former husband and had a son from that relationship.

Explore Cynthia Garrett’s Family Details

Cynthia Garrett now lives with her loving husband Roger Charles and her son from her previous marriage: Christian Abraham Garrett.

Christian is a talented basketball player and was inducted into the University of Kansas team back in 2011.