DWTS Host Alfonso Ribeiro Is A Family Man

Alfonso Ribeiro family comprises his wife Angela Unkrich and his four kids. Aside from three children with Angela, Alfonso has a daughter with his ex-wife Robin Stapler.

Alfonso is a multi-talented American celebrity who has acted in several television shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where he played Carlton Banks, and Silver Spoons, where he portrayed Alfonso Spears.

Recently, he is the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC. Before this, he hosted multiple TV shows such as Catch 21 on GSN, Spell-Mageddon on ABC Family, and Dance 360.

In 2023, Alfonso Ribeiro will be the main host of Dancing with the Stars alongside Julianne Hough for season 32.

His life and career are a testament to the power of talent, hard work, and the ability to bring joy to others, which has earned him a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide.

The actor’s contributions to television and pop culture continue to be celebrated, making him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Ribeiro was born in New York City on 21 September 1971 to Michael and Joy Ribeiro and has been married twice. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his partner.

Angela Is A Former Gymnast

Alfonso Ribeiro wife Angela Unkrich is a former diver and gymnast. Angela is now a writer and blogger.

Angela’s writing is focused on a range of topics including family travel, parenting, and her favorite toddler and child products.

Her website bio states that she was born in February 1981 and raised in Winfield Iowa, a small town located in Henry County, United States. She was raised with her two brothers, Tyson and Brendan Unkrich, on a cattle and hod farm in rural Iowa. Her childhood was heavily focused on sports, particularly gymnastics and diving.

Angela was a multi-sport athlete in high school. She attended Waco High School in Wayland, Iowa, where she played volleyball, basketball, softball, track, gymnastics, and springboard diving. She also participated in diving as a sport. 

She was a successful athlete in high school and won many titles including Outstanding Diver of Iowa, Conference Athlete of the Year, and All-State Performer. She also won the USA Diving State Championship.

Her diving skills earned her a scholarship to Northwestern University, where she majored in Communication Studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After college, she moved from Iowa to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and stunts. Her athletic background in diving and gymnastics helped her land stunt work opportunities in films and TV shows.

Even though she initially planned to stay in Los Angeles for only a few months before enrolling in graduate school, she ended up staying in the city for over ten years due to her successful career as an actress and stunt performer.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Unkrich has worked as a diving coach and a private jet flight attendant. After starting her own family, she began writing and is now the author of My Mommyhood Tales, a blog where she shares her experiences as a mother of three.

The writer is a multi-talented individual who enjoys spending her time traveling, cooking, doing DIY projects, playing golf, working out, and spending quality time with her family. 

Alfonso And Angela Have Been Married For More Than Ten Years

Alfonso Ribeiro and Angela Unkrich first met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California in 2011. They fell in love and were engaged just a few months later in July 2012.

Ribeiro and Unkrich tied the knot on 13 October 2012, at a beautiful ceremony at the Lakeside Golf Club in Los Angeles. The actor expressed his joy about marrying the love of his life on Twitter the following day, calling his wife the most incredible woman in the world.

However, when they first met, she did not know who Alfonso was. She shared with Yahoo Lifestyle in 2018, 

“He told me he was a director, which [he was]. And I was very much in the ‘I don’t want to date anyone in entertainment.”

Alfonso Ribeiro had to work hard to convince his future wife, Angela to go on a first date with him. In fact, he had to use a different set of moves to win her over and even had to make the first, second, and third moves to eventually change her mind.

Ribeiro knew that Angela was the one for him, but he also recognized that he needed to work on some things in his life after going through a divorce.

Alfonso and Angela took a chance on each other and it paid off. They had a romantic yacht proposal in Lake Tahoe and now have a beautiful family that is still growing. Despite being together for more than a decade, they are still deeply in love.

Alfonso Was Formerly Married To Robin

Alfonso Ribeiro ex wife Robin Stapler is an actress with both British and American roots. Robin had a short but remarkable career in the entertainment industry.

Stapler made a difficult choice to prioritize her personal life and family over her successful career in the entertainment industry when she was at the height of her fame.

As an actress, Robin Stapler is best known for her role as Kelly Kawicki in the TV show In the House. She has also made appearances in other TV shows and movies, including Martin, ER, The Parkers, Dancing in September, and many more.

Along with her successful acting career, Stapler has also worked as a fitness educator, healer, and entrepreneur. After retiring from acting, she founded The RipFix, a company that is still operating in Los Angeles, California, since its opening in April 2013.

RipFix, which was founded by Robin Stapler, is a brand that produces creams and ointments to help heal wounds caused by gymnastics and other activities. The company’s wholesale program is expanding rapidly, and it continues to be a popular choice among athletes.

She was born in the United States on 21 September 1972. She is very appreciative of her parent’s hard work and dedication. Despite various challenges, she has always remained close to her family, especially her younger brother Dennis Stewart.

Stapler began her professional acting career at the age of 19, starting with the disco era in 1991. While she had previously appeared in minor roles in movies and TV shows, this was her first significant breakthrough in the industry.

Alfonso and Robin met on the set of In The House in 1999 and got married on January 20, 2002. They welcomed their daughter, Sienna Ribeiro, a year later.

The pair got divorced in 2007 after four years of marriage. However, they continue to co-parent their daughter, Sienna Ribeiro. Their divorce was due to irreconcilable differences, as stated in their divorce papers.

Alfonso Is Blessed With Four Kids

Alfonso Ribeiro children comprise two daughters and two sons. The daughters are named Sienna and Ava Sue Ribeiro and the sons are Aflonso Jr. and Anders Ribeiro.

The actor loves to express his affection for his children on social media and frequently shares delightful tributes to each of them on his Instagram profile. Moreover, he keeps his fans informed about the latest happenings in his family through his social media accounts.

Sienna Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro daughter Sienna Ribeiro was born to Alfonso and his ex-wife Robin Stapler on 8 October 2002. Sienna has since become a popular TikTok star, known for her dancing and lip-syncing videos.

Ribeiro has amassed a large following on TikTok, thanks to her fun and entertaining videos. Her fans love her for her stunning looks, infectious smile, and unique sense of fashion.

In October 2015, she was seen in the digital short horror movie named Unwritten, In 2022, she played the role of Tina in Deadly Cheers. She will be seen in the upcoming acting project called The Futurist.

Sienna is a high school graduate. She completed middle school in 2017 and graduated from high school on 11 June 2021. Her father, Alfonso Ribeiro, shared a heartwarming post on Instagram to congratulate her on this achievement.

Alfonso and his daughter Sienna share a special bond, and he often describes her as smart, beautiful, motivated, funny, and passionate. Similarly, Robin Stapler has described her daughter as fierce, determined, a force to be reckoned with, stunning, smart, and talented.

Ribeiro celebrated his daughter Sienna’s 20th birthday on 8 October 2022, with a touching tribute on Instagram. He expressed how much joy she brought into his life after her birth and how proud he is of her every day. He also shared that Sienna is currently in her second year of college and is set to film her first movie this summer.

Alfonso “AJ” Lincoln Ribeiro Jr.

Alfonso “AJ” Lincoln is the firstborn child of Ribeiro and Angela. Together, they welcomed their kid on 6th November 2013.

AJ Ribeiro is the second oldest among the Ribeiro kids and has a close bond with his siblings. Ribeiro described his son as outgoing, charismatic, and funny, with a talent for making people laugh.

AJ loves mini golf and often hangs out with his dad on the set of Dancing With the Stars. Both parents celebrated their son’s 4th birthday with a mini golf-themed party attended by close family and friends at Lakeside Golf Club in Los Angeles Toluca Lake.

On AJ’s 9th birthday, Alfonso posted a picture of him on Instagram wishing him a happy birthday and praising him as the best older brother to Anders and Ava.

Anders Reyn Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro son Anders Reyn Ribeiro was born as their second child, on 30 April 2015. The couple was thrilled to welcome a new addition to their family.

According to his personality, Alfonso has described his son as loving, smart, funny, athletic, cool, and just plain awesome. Angela as a mother has noted that he has a love for animals and has a special ability to connect with them and nature on a deeper level.

The actor and his son Anders share a love of sports, and Alfonso often describes his son as athletic, determined, and full of heart. On his 7th birthday, he shared a sweet message and photo of his son on social media, wishing him a happy birthday. He also revealed that Ander loves sharks, so they threw a Meg-inspired party to celebrate the occasion.

Ava Sue Ribeiro

The youngest and the cutest member of the Ribeiro family. Ava is the third kid of Alfonso and Angela and was born on 13 May 2019.

Angela has described her daughter as a sweet yet fierce, charismatic, independent, and insanely smart girl. Ava has grown up fast, but Angela loves watching her grow and mature into a one-of-a-kind person.

Angela has praised her daughter for her unique qualities, including her natural singing talent and her impressive negotiation skills. In an Instagram post celebrating Ava’s fourth birthday, Angela expressed her admiration for her daughter’s courage, creativity, athleticism, and loving nature.

The parents of Ava have shared that their daughter was in a scooter accident just before her fourth birthday. But, she was brave and strong during her accident. 

Parents revealed this news through their Instagram handle on 13 May that their daughter had a difficult experience after falling off of her sit-down scooter and having emergency surgery.

Is Ribeiro Dominican?

Alfonso Ribeiro Dominican descent is just a rumor because his family is from Trinidad and Tobago. He said this in an interview, according to IMDb.

He and his family are not from the Dominican Republic. His parents and grandparents are from Trinidad, and he was born in the Riverdale neighborhood of The Bronx to Afro-Trinidadian parents.

Ribeiro’s grandfather on his father’s side was Lord Hummingbird, a Trinidadian calypsonian who was of African and Portuguese descent and went by the name Albert Ribeiro.