Does Dom Tracy Have A Sister? Father And Net Worth In 2022

Dom Tracy is a YouTuber and vlogger known for his killer clown videos on his YouTube channel.

Dominic Cruz Tracy is popularly known by his short name Dom Tracy. He started his YouTube journey in 2015.

He was 12 years old when he started his Youtube, and his first content was him showing his sneakers. Due to this, he was also known as a sneakers kid.

Quick Facts About Dom Tracy

Name Dominic Cruz Tracy
Known Name Dom Tracy
Date Of Birth November 22, 2003
Birthplace New Jersey, United States
Age 18
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth $1 million

Does Dom Tracy Have A Sister?

Dom Tracy does have a sister and a brother as his sibling.

Her sister is Isabella Tracy, and she was featured in some videos on his Youtube channel. Dom’s brother’s name is Chad. There is not much information regarding his brother. Dom seems to have a good relationship with his siblings.

Dom used to make videos with his sister, Isabella until he started his own Youtube channel. Isabella was born on June 20, 2006, and is currently 16.

Isabella has followed in his brother’s footsteps and is also a Youtuber.

Her Youtube channel is called Isabella Tracy, which she started on August 2014 and has about 65.8 k subscribers. She posts about hauls, vlogs, and dolls on her YouTube channel. She uploaded her first video, Bitty baby nursery tour, on July 20, 2015.

The video has got 9.7k views. Her most popular video is I almost got Kidnapped! |Isabella Tracy| uploaded on September 25, 2018. She seems to be more focused on her studies than her Youtube channel, as her last video was uploaded on July 17, 2020.

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Some of the most popular videos on her Youtube channel are;

How to make slime 81,000 views
Reacting to Jacob Sartorious’s musically 49,000 views
Reacting to the fans musically 48,000 views
I never got his snap 32,000 views

Who Is Dom Tracy’s Father?

Dom Tracy has not shared much about his father and mother with fans and subscribers.

But his father appeared in his videos, and he was either pranking or ignoring his father.

Dom was annoying his dad in his YouTube video called ANNOYING My DAD for 24 HOURS! (HE WAS SO MAD) uploaded in 2021. Similarly, he was seen pranking his dad in his video; I FORGOT FATHERS DAY PRANK! HE WAS SO MAD and uploaded it in 2019.

Dom’s dad was also seen in his video titled Dad spends over$1000 on my credit card! I was so mad* Must Watch!

His dad was seen in many videos on his YouTube channel. Through the Youtube channel, you can see his dad has well built and tall. Dom, through his Youtube channel, was able to buy his mom’s dream and shared this good news on his Instagram feed.

Dom Tracy’s Net Worth In 2022

Dom Tracy’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

He has amassed millions of dollars from his profession as Youtuber and vlogger. He earns through the views and ad revenues generated from his Youtube channel.

Similarly, he also earns through partnership and collaboration. Dom goes to Williamstown High School. Before starting his own Youtube channel, he used to make videos and act in front of the camera.

Before making videos on Youtube, he used to make videos on Vine.

Dom’s YouTube Career

Dome began his journey on Youtube by opening his channel, Dom Tracy, on January 10, 2015.

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He uploaded his first video on the 25 Sub Special (Q&A) channel on February 12, 2015, and it has garnered about 31 k views.

The most popular video on his channel is A creepy stalker fan stalking me outside my own house * he had my phone number uploaded on November 21, 2016.

The video has accumulated about twenty million views. He has got about 2.85 million subscribers on his Youtube channel

Some of his popular videos are:

Prank calling a killer clown goes wrong! *He comes to my house* 6.7 million views
Punching my stalker killer clown 6.3 million views
Buying my mom her dream car at the age of 13 5.6 million views
Ding Dong Ditching My Mean teacher 5.4 million views
Last to get caught Skipping School wins $5000 4.4 million views
Mailing myself in a box to Justin Bieber’s House 4.2 million views
Creppy Girl Ghost in my house 3.8 million views
Hacking Random online classes 3.7 million views
I jumped a killer clown 3.7 million views
Creepy Killer crown tries to break into my house 3.5 million views

Earnings from Youtube

According to the social blade, he earns about $190  –  $3,000 every month while he earns $23,00  –  $36,000 yearly.

He has gained a total of 330 million views on his Youtube channel. So, he is earning well from his Youtube channel.

Yearly Earnings $2300,000  –  $36500
Monthly Earnings $190  –  $3,000
Weekly Earnings $44  –  $709
Daily Earnings $6  –  $101

Some FAQs

How Old Is Dom Tracy?

Dom Tracy is 18 years old.

What Is Dom Tracy’s Real Name?

Dom Tracy’s real name is Dominic Cruz Tracy.

How Many Siblings Does Dom Tracy Have?

Dom Tracy has a brother, Chad, and a sister, Isabella, as his siblings.