Does Chris Pincher Have A Wife? Simultaneous Resignation Threatens Boris Johnson’s Government

Amid the crisis, where Chris Pincher has been accused of sexual assault, people are curious if he has a wife or not.

Chris Pincher has resigned from his position but the Prime Minister is not in a good condition. As his MP is accused of sexual assault, many people are talking about what things were the prime minister aware of about the complaints.

Does Chris Pincher Have A Wife?

Chris Pincher is accused of sexual assault, and he resigned from his position as a result. With the allegations against him, people wonder if he has a wife or not.

Looking at his information on Wikipedia, it appears that he is not married yet. Since there is no information about his spouse, many assume he may not be married yet.

Recently, he has had his membership in the Conservative Party revoked, and the complaints watchdog of parliament will look into claims that he inappropriately touched two men while intoxicated.

He was chosen by Theresa May to serve as the Government’s Deputy Chief Whip and Household Treasurer in January 2018. Then, he was chosen to be the Minister of State for Europe and the Americas after Johnson became prime minister.

He later serves as the Minister of State for Housing in the February 2020 cabinet shuffle. He took up his previous positions as Government Deputy Chief Whip and Treasurer of the Household again in February 2022.

Boris Johnson Rumored To Be Aware Of Allegations On His MP Chris Pincher Causes Cabinet Resignations

As the allegation on Chris Pincher is publicized, there are rumors that Boris Johnson may have been aware of these things before they became public. Pincher announced his resignation as deputy chief whip on Thursday.

Since the MP has been placed on administrative leave, attention has focused on what the prime minister knew about the allegations against Pincher and the rumors that surrounded the MP’s sexual behavior, as per The Guardian.

Because people think that the gravity of the complaints is not taken as seriously as it should be, the British prime minister is embroiled in yet another crisis as he struggles to keep his cabinet intact.

The resignations of the treasurer and health secretary have been placed on his desk. In a statement, Sajid Javid, the secretary of health, stated that he could “no longer continue in good conscience.”

Later, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, also declared his resignation.

Chris Pincher Net Worth In 2022

Chris Pincher, a British politician, has served in several government roles since the beginning of his career. He may have accumulated a lot of wealth over the years, but he is yet to reveal his net worth details.

He was the Government Deputy Chief Whip from 2018 to 2019 and Treasurer of the Household from February to June 2022. He took on the positions of Minister of State for Europe and the Americas and Minister of State for Housing during the Johnson administration. He has been Tamworth’s Member of Parliament (MP) since 2010.

In the general election of 2010, he defeated the Labour Party to win the seat representing Tamworth. He ran for the seat for the first time in 2005. Likewise, from 2015 to 2016, he worked for Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond as a Parliamentary Private Secretary.