Did Russell Brand ever relapse? Why did Russell Brand stop making movies?

Russell Edward Brand is a comedian and actor from England. He hosts the podcast Stay Free with Russell Brand. Brand has received three British Comedy Awards: Best Newcomer, Best Live Stand-Up, and Outstanding Contribution to Comedy.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brand’s YouTube channel saw an increase in activity and a shift in political direction, veering heavily toward COVID-19 denialism and conspiracy theories, leading to an increase in popularity of 6.5 million subscribers and over a billion views.

Brand’s new weekly views increased from less than 500,000 in November 2020 to almost 14.5 million in March 2022.

Did Russell Brand ever relapse?

Even after ten years in recovery from drugs and alcohol, Russell Brand says relapse is never out of the picture. “The last time I thought about taking heroin was yesterday,” writes the British comedian on his website,russellbrand. tv. He says receiving some bad news from a “beautiful woman” nearly led him back to drugs.

Why did Russell Brand stop making movies?

In 2014, Brand announced that he was “not interested in making money anymore.” And so, he made the decision to give up acting and focus on what he calls his Revolution.

His steps to rid himself of drug addiction have been through meditation and exercise, which he shared with viewers, helping many along the way.